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Author Topic: X PLATINUM x CINDY X - London Batersea  (Read 941 times)

74 review(s) for X PLATINUM x CINDY X (71 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Hey there :)
This will be my first review so I decided to go with a safe bet and review Cindy since there's zero chance of this thread going south due to my low post count :)

Now on to the good stuff  :P
I saw Cindy about 2 weeks ago and was my first visit to her, I've had her in my hot list for quite some time, but with me being busy and her as well was very difficult for me to arrange a meet.
Lucky for me this change this month and I finally saw her and found out first hand why she's that good  :cool:

AW link: https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1577083

Comms - Commucation was very good we exchanged some email on AW, I made the booking a week in advance. On the actual day I've sent a txt to confirm that I'm still going and everything was good.

Location - Location was a nice easy to find hotel near Batersea/Sloane Square. I went there with tube, but from what I saw there was some parking being used not sure if it was private or public.
Went straight inside no doorman to ask questions and once inside since I wasn't sure on the lifts asked quickly reception and they pointed me to the direction, nobody asked anything they mostly minded they're own business.

Rate - 140/hr I didn't request any extras

The girl - Some of the people here have probably seen her and know how she looks. She is gorgeous body wise she's a 10/10, great ass/tits(i like fake so it's a not a problem for me). Very easy to talk to and she made me comfortable within 5 min's of entering the room great woman overall

The meet- I entered her room and was greeted by her, she was wearing black lingerie which didn't hide much tbh :D I've got a boner roughly 30s after entering
She gave me a kiss and she quite liked some of my tattoos so we chatted for a little bit. She standing like this in front of me and me trying to hold myself, after I cleaned myself quickly in the bathroom she dragged me straight into the bed  :cool:

Started with some dfk and admiring her forms while undressing her.
After that she moved to Oral which was amazing and I did some RO on her, I didn't finger or made her squirt but then im still learning the tricks of it :D

On with the ruber after all the playing around and we went straight for the couch she was on top of me and that's a sight to see.
We changed a couple of position's and she can take quite pounding and was pushing me all the way inside.I came close to cuming 1 time and I'm fairly sure she did came once, but then can't confirm this, still she enjoyed my "little guy"  :cool:

Finished with a CIM and she sucked me dry after which she went to clean up and I did the same afterwards.
Had a spare 15mins so we just lay on the bed and chatted to pass the time. I took a quick shower got dressed and was on my way probably a few minutes over but she never mentioned anything.

Over all I had a fantastic punt I've been doing this for some years now on/off so i've learned to choose my punts and not think with my dick,
but she goes into my top 3 easy and I would return 100% as soon as I find the time for her  :cool:

As long as you're one that likes woman like her Cindy is a must see even if you have to go a bit more than the usual price she's well worth it.

74 review(s) found for X PLATINUM x CINDY X linked to in above post (71 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

You say you are still learning the tricks of ro, but then say you have been punting for years on and off,bit of a contradiction?

who else is in your top 3 out of interest?

You say you are still learning the tricks of ro, but then say you have been punting for years on and off,bit of a contradiction?

who else is in your top 3 out of interest?

There's no contradiction I'm not one to do RO on every girl plus the fact that i don't punt every single month I've had breaks of 6+ months, so i just said it's not one of my best suits.
When i do it some enjoy it, some not so much so we just move on.Doing ro and seeing girls for long time are two separate things

Christy from invasian esorts ( and a number of other agencies) and tatoed.sophie before she stopped couple of months back,maggie21 also and few other's, hope you're interest is satisfied.

Offline pumps

still she enjoyed my "little guy"  :cool:


knock out some more reviews then.....

Offline paul_b_1977

Thanks for the review and welcome

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