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Author Topic: Access to Site.  (Read 848 times)

Offline Thedrum

Am I the only one having trouble trying to get on the site. Keep getting about trolls?

Offline Admin

  • Site Owner
Some internet providers are blocked from accessing the site.
You'll have to send your IP (when you get the error message) for me to investigate.

Offline OnTheSly

I always have this when I try to access via a VPN, drives me crazy when I'm stuck in a hotel and want to access this site ;)

Guess I need to be more active to avoid this one, right Admin?

Offline Thedrum

What is a VPN? Again this morning was blocked from access, and only now at 3 pm have I managed to access the site.

Offline Llama32

Virtual Private Network. Basically makes whatever sites you use think you're accessing from somewhere where you're not. There's legitimate and a lot of non-legitimate reasons to use em.

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