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Author Topic: Sophia Lorraine - Vivastreet (Lincoln)  (Read 456 times)

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Offline playboy80


When I first saw this advert there were pics up last time I checked after I had visited she had took them down.
Nice house in an estate which was quiet in Lincoln, comms were excellent so went along and paid £40 for a 15 min punt.
This is where it went down hill, answered the door in Pyjamas ffs! Looked nothing like her pics but with my cock thinking before my head I went ahead and went in bang over weight compared to her pics and damn uglier.
Led me upstairs told me to get undressed while we chatted and she told me she was a local girl.
OWO very good, offered me a facial or Swallowing my load for no extra. It I needed to fuck!
DFK commenced then and I asked if she like RO, said I wasn't allowed nor was I allowed to finger her so straight on with rubber where she bent straight over.
Pussy was that big I may aswell of thrown a sausage down an alleyway but flipped her over and was certain I was getting my money worth so did her missionary until her bed side alarm went off where I then filled the bag on demand.
Would I go back?? Would I fuck its a deffo no in future I'm sticking to Adult Work vivastreet is shocking.
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (playboy80, Lethalforward10)

Offline mediumjoe

   Well Playboy I'm not sure which pictures you saw but the one on view now ---- those eyebrows !
 Reminds me of Cruella DeVill .   Thanks for the reminder never to go anywhere near vivastreet .

FFS  :crazy: what a horror ,

I've had a wank over better looking shopdummy , sorry to hear it was a crap punt ,and  yeah Viva street can be very hit or miss especially when your cock is doing the decision making , as they say on UKP , research, research,research..

Have a good punt soon  :hi:

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