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Author Topic: Looking to see a milf in London soon , help appreciated  (Read 739 times)

Offline Berba

Fancy seeing a milf soon , does anyone have any info on the following ladies please, if they are any good ? In time my reviews will come I'm new to this forum  :

1) http://www.maturelorna.co.uk/

2) https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=901714

3) lady Audrey love : www.adultwork.com/2708682

Finally someone I really wanted to see but seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth , used to have an AW profile : here's what she looked like :


Out of the above Helena would be my no 1 choice , does anyone have any info please or other milf recommendations would be greatly appreciated, thank you and I plan to post reviews and more info in the future , I see this forum as a two way street

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Offline Plato

I've had a session or 2 with all of these MILFs.

Helena Hart was the most memorable - she wore some great lingerie and offered all services.  I didn't particularly click with her though and never went back before she retired.

Lorna looked great when I first saw her in Crystal Palace over 10 years ago.  I saw her again when she was with mature Kensington escorts. Nice lady, but no way worth the £250 an hour she charges now.

Audrey is much cheaper, not quite as well preserved, and EE (Helena's English / Irish and Lorna's Scottish).  I had good sessions with her when she was in Olympia.

Offline Berba

Thanks Plato , I also was thinking £250 an hr is a bit steep and not all of her facial photos are consistent , bit of a risk , I hope Helena hart comes out of retirement though

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