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Author Topic: HotLexi - East london B&D  (Read 1107 times)

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Offline jonty1


Saw this girl a few week ago, when she was in barking, seems to have moved to Walthamstow now. Her prices were also cheaper - 50 for half and 75 for 1 hr

Girl: Just like her pics. Pretty face and nice ass, around 5'4 and is hungarian. English isnt great, which was an issue when trying to find her place as she couldnt give clear instructions.

Services: advertises FK and GFE, this certainly wasnt the case, she does no kissing at all. Services she did offer were owo and sex protected. Also i think its important to add she said there wasnt enough time for 1 hour so i could only do 30 mins, i said fine and she tried to make me pay £55 instead of £50 which she had previoisly advertises on aw.

Session:Accompanied me to the bathroom without me asking her to, she had a sign above her sink saying 'do not wash your dick in the sink' which explains why i guess. Then straight on the bed, ordered me to take my clothes off. She got a condom, unpacked it and put it on her leg, i asked if she could do owo. She seemed to snap and say ofcourse  i will do without. I told her to chill, she muttered some shit and started sucking. The owo wasnt too bad, though didnt last to long. Despite her earlier anger at being questioned she was quite good at pretending to enjoy the bj. Saying that, i probably ahould have just ended it there and asked for my money back as it gets worse.

After owo, i said i wanted to eat her, as she opened her legs i got a strong whiff, she was definitely not fresh, i couldnt use my mouth so just used my fingers. She told me not to put them in but allowed a little rubbing of her clit and pussy. After this she put the condom on and we did mish. The girl tries to rush you to finish, not directly, but she uses all the tricks in the book. She used her hands towards end of the bj and again tugged me off a little before i started mish. Theres also lots of fake moaning and dirty talk(the dirty talk i did enjoy tbh so not a complaint) and she also puts her fingers in a v shape on her pussy during mish to make her feel tighter and tbh she was rather loose, not much sensation at all down there. I asked her to change to doggy, she said no, this feels good so came in mish. We were in around 17mins at this point, but she took my condom off, wiped me off and left to go to the other room. Could hear her on the phone telling the next punter what room number she is in and i actually heard him ring the doorbell while i was still there. I just got dressed and left trying to forget about this waste of money, but was shamefully reminded of it the whole journey home by the smell which was still on my fingers.

In summary she is very attractive but i will avoid seeing her again, she just cares about getting you off fast, and getting you outta the door for the next guy and ofcourse the obvious lack of hygiene isnt great either.

1 review(s) found for Hot Lexxi linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Thanks for the review, sorry it wasn't that great, I was going to see her but she is off the list now  :hi:

Offline Speedy12

Thanks for the review. She is hot though so I think I will build up by no wanking for a few days and give her a good seeing to!

Offline Candyman

She had a terrible rep when she was in South Kensington last year. Also noticed she advertises on this joke of a website at over 3 times the price!!


Offline jonty1

Yeah its a shame, as she is good looking, and could be enjoyable on the right day, but no point waiting for that since theres many better options.

Thanks for the info candyman, those prices are ridiculous :thumbsdown:

She had a terrible rep when she was in South Kensington last year. Also noticed she advertises on this joke of a website at over 3 times the price!!


And there was I thinking only 'exclusive' WGs made it to this site, I guess not.

Offline paul_b_1977

Thanks for the warning I will avoid

Offline apetrain

Thanks for the warning mate I was thinking about seeing her not now  :hi:

Online The_Don

for reference:

IIRC, I punted her back in 2015, under a different profile. Looks like she moved around and her

willing attitude

isn't what it used to be, going on the OP review.
« Last Edit: October 26, 2016, 03:05:01 PM by The_Don »

Offline jonty1

Yeah thats her. Seeing those pics is tempting to go again, but not gonna think eith little brain :crazy:

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