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Author Topic: Cock rings  (Read 1016 times)

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There's plenty advice on here about viagra etc but I can't find anything about cock rings. Are they any good ? Do they really keep you "up" My problem more and more these days is maintaining rather than achieving an erection. What about the WG's? Do you see many men wearing them? Do they seem to help?
I've just bought an adjustable one online a few minutes ago and will use it at my next punt after a wee bit of practice at home.

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Sorry, search function obviously fucked up or maybe it was me!!!! Found another thread but wouldn't mind any fresh comments.

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I have found for clients with erection difficulties the adjustable ones work better as while she is sucking she can slowly tighten it for you as you start to fill up with blood and get a little harder. 
The adjustable ones are bloody great BUT after a while they tend to start loosening up as the teeth inside  the clips wear out.  probably last 10 or so bookings before it should be replaced

They are actually very easy to make as well with leather laces and toothed clips

I have one from Ann Summers, better in my opinion than the Durex variety, and use it with a regular girl I see. The vibrating sensation is really good for me and great clitoral stimulation for her. We normally end up taking out the vibrating bullet which she uses directly on her clit. Fuck me, that works!

Thanks for that, MIW - MOST helpful! ;)

Thanks for that, MIW - MOST helpful! ;)
Happy to help my old son. And for clarity that remark was written & sent with a very large helping of irony.

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If you put my name, martynx8, into the UKP search box, you will read two reports that I submitted on November 16, 2012, in favour of using cock-rings.

They most definitely work for me and, since posting my last comments, I have invested in a larger size ring which also goes around the scrotum.

My regular WG now uses both rings, one in varying positions on my shaft and the other around my scrotum. She is utterly brilliant at adjusting them during OWO and knowing when to release and remove them for my orgasm.

I should add that I am almost 70 and only have OWO, so intercourse does not feature at all. However, I do not have erection difficulties and use cock-rings because, for me, they really enhance the pleasure of an already superb experience.

Best of luck if you decide to try one. I bought both of my cock-rings on-line from Lovehoney and they are the very simple ones with a plastic toggle; no clips or metal teeth and very easy to adjust. The original and smaller one is made of plastic and the larger one of stretchy rubber. Both fit very comfortably indeed.

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Cock rings?
Phone rings and cock crows!

Cock rings?
Phone rings and cock crows!

You're incorrigible, hp!   :D  Or should that be "encourageable"?!? ;)

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