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Author Topic: General Tip  (Read 725 times)

Offline brentwood

This is a general tip for everyone because it nearly got me into trouble.  If you have a google account on your phone and your partner types in the address below in a browser, it can show all the locations you've been to - it is very scary.  This was a news story a while back and luckily I read it before my partner and went in turned off the location recording function before she read the same article.  She doesn't go through my phone but its usually lying around the place and I dont know if she checks without me knowing.

Most of you may already know about this but if not it may save some grief.
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Offline Clarkey

My last youtube video was Pattaya street girls :lol: Good job she's not bothered.

You can turn it off. You can delete the location history. Wife has to know your password.

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