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Offline redi15

Had a meet with this girl in small flat next to Argos in town centre. And only because my original punt was unavailable for 30 min I had. So went with plan B.

One word: avoid. :dash:

07985 271904


Reasons to avoid:

1. Fake pics. Girl looks similar but pics are defo fake. She is not bad looking (this is why I decided to enter and have a go) but nowhere close to pics and vid.
2. Romanian... no english and bad attitude.
3. Only OW.
4. After cum she quickly dresses up and stands waiting for you to leave.
5. Constantly checks, if condom is on and not broken.
6. Paid for 30 min, but stayed 15 due to very bad atmosphere...
7. No shower.
8. Felt like there was somebody else in flat, she said no one was...

Reason to go for it:
1. Girl is small in size and I felt like punting with underage... if that's your thing... Defo not mine. And anyway her being cold and distant will ruin the whole experience for you.

Sorry, there is plenty of girls in Reading who will do 100 times better job for 60 bucks. No need to feed Sergej.

This only shows that looks don't make a punt, the girl and her attitude does.

Avoid, avoid, avoid!

PS. She asked, if that was my first escorting? And all I wanted to say is: Do you know what is the difference between escort and prostitute?  :lol:

PS. Sorry, if any spelling errors...
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Offline Gent123

Thanks for the review. And I almost visited her... :timeout:
Banning reason: Abusive white knight

Offline Mij

Hmmm....registered, then posted a negative review straight away!?


Offline redi15


Yeah I only registered to post this review, this is correct.

I'm regular on this forum, but under different login and didn't want to use it, as I have my reasons.  :P If you really need to check, if I'm telling the truth DM me and I'll be happy to provide you with my real login.  :cool:

I wasnt going to review her but some other punters were asking about her in other section (two topics already), so I had to warn them.

As I said, she is not bad looking, but not a girl from the photos and she managed to kill the mood DEAD within 5 min, so earnt her negative.

BTW how arogant you have to be to not even steal somebodys pics, but also a video!

PS: I'm happy to save some other punter some cash he can spend with somebody who will deliver a great experience, not a shitty one.
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