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Author Topic: London Royal Massage - Baker Street  (Read 1317 times)

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Wanted to try a massage with a happy ending. Researched on here and concluded that London Royal Massage was a fairly safe bet so booked half an hour last week. It was a day that Nat was working. Cost was £30 basic plus £15 for hand job. It took place in an oriental parlour just 5 mins from Baker Street. I guess they rent a room there.

I got there on time but was asked, by text, to wait for 10 minutes. That was ok. I went in and met Nat and asked for a shower. Well it was awful. She gave me a damp towel,  a disgusting dressing gown and told me there were some sandals downstairs. I went through with the shower but wouldn't do so again. It was pretty gross.

Anyway, got back into the the room, which had a proper massage table, and lay down on my front. Nat gave me a fairly unmemorable massage which was quite relaxing but seemed really to be just wiping oil up and down my legs, back and shoulders.

After 15 mins or so she invited me to turn over and begun work on my cock. Now this bit was very memorable. I know from civvy experiences that an oil/hands combination can be mind blowing and it was. So much so that I came after probably 5 minutes. Vigorously. Which seemed to surprise her??? That was a positive experience.

So overall a poor massage + grotty venue + good hand job = neutral.

And the quest continues for a better experience.

Offline punther

London Royal...my first ever punts.....memories  :cry:

The showers are shit but never had issues with towels when ive been there...they mist be letting standards slide

That being said the majority of the time i always took my own towel as i was quite ocd when i started punting  :lol:

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