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Author Topic: Virginia Office (Bromsgrove)  (Read 608 times)

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Offline bod666

https://www.adultwork.com/3237834 or https://www.adultwork.com/Virginia+Office

Half hour booking for £60

Services: covered oral, very light kissing, sex in various positions.

Comms: I texted to enquire about availability and heard nothing for couple of hours then all was arranged very quickly. 

Location was a hotel just off junction 4 of M5, nice touch was when I texted to say I'd arrived she called me to tell me how to find her room.  First time I saw a girl at this hotel I did wander around aimlessly for a while trying to find the room so this was very welcome.  As an aside - this hotel is one of those annoying ones with a barrier and makes you pay £3 to stay for any longer than 15 mins. And the card function for the machine to pay for parking was broken so it only accepted cash - good job I had some on me!

The meet:

She had told me that she would leave the door open as there were cleaners hovering around and she didn't want me knocking and alerting them to my presence.  I found the room and snuck into it closing the door behind me - to find the very lovely Virginia looking exactly like the photos on her profile wearing a figure hugging dress - yum!  Definitely the girl in the photos, fine figure and attractive, she has a nice smile too - which she flashed at me quite quickly (not your average Romanian girl then!) She also has excellent English and we had a good chat as I disrobed.  Her dress disappeared to reveal a nice underwear set and we quickly adjourned to the bed.

She sat on the bed next to me and worked some lube into my cock before applying a condom to it and sucking some life into it.  This doesn't happen anywhere near enough with girls who only give covered oral - the experience is a lot more pleasant if lil bod has some additional lubrication before donning his rain gear. Before long she jumped on top and rode me very nicely indeed, good mix of sitting up and leaning over to lick my ear.  I asked her if she kissed which she said she did - but it was very light and brief.  Enough to get her lipstick on me mind.

We changed to doggy which was nice and tight, then moved to missionary to finish. Missionary was a little disappointing - I like a bit of eye contact during this position and ideally kissing but there wasn't much of it.  The inevitable occurred and I disengaged, she got the wet wipes out and relieved me of the full bag and I lay back on the bed to catch my breath.  She passed me another wet wipe and advised me to wipe my mouth first to get the lipstick off then she went off and put her clothes back on and started fiddling with her phone (but still maintaining a conversation - women can multi-task).

When I'd recovered I got my kit back on and left, I'd been there for 26 mins but felt I got my money's worth.

In summary: She's really good for a Romanian, one of the best I've seen (but that bar is pretty low).  It still wasn't really the GFE I tend to enjoy, but it was some decent sex with an attractive woman so I can't complain too much.

Just a few niggles prevent it from being a positive.  I'd taken enough cash to extend to an hours booking if it went well and I left with the extra cash in my pocket not feeling the urge to do so.

From talking to her she tours around a lot, which makes sense as I doubt she gets that many repeat visitors (though she said she has regulars)  :unknown:  I don't think I'll be going back.

9 review(s) found for virginia office linked to in above post (6 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Dodo

Sounds like an experienced shagged out pro who goes through the motions but nice with it. Is that fair ?
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