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Author Topic: Aliyah @ Lush Leeds  (Read 549 times)

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Offline Drood1

I am not sure about Lush Agency Leeds? http://www.lushleedsescorts.co.uk/aliyah seemed a got deal and of course do you believe agency testimonials? I got directions for Leeds docks area via a very helpful receptionist and the flat was good, that was the only positive. The girl does not quite look like the pictures, I think they are photo shopped. She was wearing a loose night gown and did not want to remove it! She took money from me for an hour and I did not see for 5 minutes. Came and said no kissing, though did take off lipstick eventually for light pecks. Need some water, went out and another 5 minutes wasted. Oh no I thought! Allowed me to stroke her with her gown lifted up. Lick breasts, oh no ticklish. Ok, work my way to fanny, legs close, ticklish, bloody hell!
Need more water and at this point getting fed up and mentioned her time wasting! Only a little while and she seemed annoyed with me!!!.
Get this over I am thinking. Blowjob, needs to be a lemon flavoured condom and works a little while as only does covered BJ. Need different condom as the flavoured ones not as good (evidence). I explained I was losing my erection with this mucking about, she got annoyed with me!!!
She gets on top, with gown on. I asked if it could come off and she does this reluctantly. Her size I think is 12-14 (not quite her pics, then she is wearing dark concealing clothes on pics. and I think she is slimmer as there are stretch marks on shoulders abdomen and legs. Anyway managed to do sex some positions. No dry wipes, no toilet roll even. No bin for waste. I can have shower and no gel in shower, just a small piece of soap. At least towel is clean and dry. Not really Travel lodge service for in calls. I left after 35 minutes and so much time wasting with this punt. Not bothering with Lush. 5-6 years ago, Diamond escorts, Bunny's of Leeds,Moulin Rouge had much better Indian escorts. Now some escort agencies take anyone. Not really going to get repeat business this ways folks. Forget Leeds.

Online mrfishyfoo

Cheers for the review fella.  :hi:

This lass needs a career change.  :sarcastic: :sarcastic:

You sure you went for a punt or was it actually a rummage with a shelf stacker at Tesco ??  :dash: :dash:

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