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Author Topic: Bi Gangbang Babes Party-South London  (Read 2022 times)

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Offline davidgood

Although I did a review of one of these parties a couple of weeks ago, I am doing another as this one was at a different venue and included some new talent which I decided to road test.

I managed to get along to the 12 to 2pm party last Thursday which was being held in an hotel in South London. There is key card access only to the lifts here so I had to arrive early in the area to meet one of the hosts who took me and a couple of other guys up to the room at midday where the 2 girls were ready and waiting for action.

The line-up was Monica, who can be found on AW and on various porn sites so no need to describe further, plus Isabelle a buxom, busty blond. I found out later this was her first ever party.

Monica was wearing a latex basque with suspenders to hold her sheer seamed stockings nice and tight.

Isabelle had a black basque type thing again with suspenders and stockings.

The party started with only 3 of us and another 3 came in later, but left after 1pm.

Things started with some girl on girl action.

After a quick freshen up I introduced myself to Isabelle and as it was the start of the party gave her some sucking, licking and rimming to make sure she was ready to play. After she sucked me stiff I asked if she liked anal, she replied that she loved it and bent over the bed and guided me into her bum so I could give her a good pounding which produced the desired result. As I was taking off the condom I mentioned I was a bit of an old dribbler and asked if she could suck me dry. She obliged instantly and thanked me for the donation.

After a brief rest I had some fun with Monica. A good blow job, some vigorous squatting cow girl and then anal doggy. Despite her encouragement I just could not squeeze out another one at that time so withdrew and sat back and watched the action.

When Isabelle was free I went back for some more sucking and finished off successfully with some anal mish, with her stockinged legs up around my ears.

After a rest I went back to Monica for a good sucking and then finished off with some very deep anal mish. With Monica thrusting up to meet me and her words of encouragement she managed to squeeze the last drop out of me.

By now there was only 3 of us left so I asked if either wanted to try DPing Monica with me. The older guy stepped in and although we started the process we just could not get it together. Probably because we had both been well drained by all the action we already had.

I think all that were there enjoyed the party, I certainly did.

I know some of you out there think my reviews should contain a SWOT analysis and provide more qualitive and comparative commentary so you can analyse it and criticise it. But I do not intend to provide that, a) because I do not have the time and inclination to do it and b) I do not think serious party goers want that as they are more interested in who was there and what was the action like.

I covered some negative aspects of these parties in my ‘words of warning’ at the end of my last review, so no need to repeat.
All I would add is that these parties are for seasoned party goers who ideally have gang bang experience.

If you are interested in parties which have more to offer than the usual vanilla ones in London then this is the link;-



12 review(s) found for Bi Gangbang Babes linked to in above post (11 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline vt

Cheers for the informative review DG...nice descriptions of the adventurous action on offer...shame the DP didn't work out!  :drinks:

Everyone's got their own style of reporting, so no worries!  :)

Seems like the ratio was a bit lighter this time round.  :thumbsup:

Offline Persie

Any one know who Isabella is advertised at one of the next parties?
Banning reason: Stalking prossies on Facebook and threatening to out them

Offline LL

The girls don't look particularly attractive. I've never been to a party before. Perhaps you get what you pay for. Anyway, thanks for an entertaining report.

Offline davidgood

The girls don't look particularly attractive. I've never been to a party before. Perhaps you get what you pay for. Anyway, thanks for an entertaining report.
They may not be the most attractive party girls in London, but they are probably the naughtiest.



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