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Author Topic: Smiley Sindy - Chelsea  (Read 1689 times)

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Offline sputnik

Episode 3 - The Hungarian Experience

*** Apologies - posted in the West Midlands area in error - this was a meet in London. Please take note! ***

Hello again, as promised, the review of my 3rd escort experience - late September whilst down in London on business.
Given the expense and potential for nightmarish meetings, I try to do as much research as possible - crosschecking reviews etc on AW with fellow punters' experiences on here. I then try to draw my own conclusions (yes...I have a risk analysis spreadsheet  :D) before picking & booking a suitable play-partner.

So, this lead me to discover the very sexy MILF - Smiley Sindy in Chelsea (literally walking distance from the Blues' ground).

https://www.adultwork.com/1718704 or https://www.adultwork.com/Smiley+Sindy

I had a planned business trip to London that would see me have a mid-morning  meeting leaving me with ample time to play so I wanted a 2hr meeting somewhere near to my meeting location. My investigations highlighted Sindy as a 'must-see' type of girl so I called a few days before my London trip and enquired as to her availability. Spoke with Sindy - very soft-spoken lady - and confirmed that a 2hr booking would be ok and  that the services I'm most interested in (proper DFK, oral without, reverse oral, facial and possibly anal would be ok) would be available. She was very eager to confirm all were on offer. So, into the diary it went and I called the morning of my trip to confirm I would be there are the agreed time.

I arrived 10 minutes early to make sure parking would be ok - plenty of parking at the nearby (Fulham Broadway Centre) - and called Sindy for final address instructions. At this stage let me point out that communication with Sindy was just perfect!

And so, I arrive, Sindy buzzed me in and 60 seconds later I entered her apartment. I had asked Sindy to greet me in just heels and underwear. She did not disappoint and omg....was I NOT disappointed! She's maybe a little older than her profile photos suggest but (in my opinion) is a very, very attractive mid-40s woman. Very pretty face, cheeky eyes, lovely lips and a wonderful body. This is not a big-titted bimbo, rather a perfectly-shaped, fit woman of indeterminate age....and I was very pleased with my choice.

Once in the apartment she welcomed me with a warm embrace, deep French kiss and a cheeky cuddle of my arse. Great start!
Confirmed required services and money exchanged Sindy then offered me a shower which I immediately accepted - I think if you demonstrate that cleanliness is important to you then the girl is going to be much more relaxed with the fact that she's going to be fucking & sucking a complete stranger in a matter of minutes yes?

Suitably showered & scrubbed I rejoined Sindy in the bedroom wearing just a towel but with a very obvious (and large) erection beneath. Sindy immediately took charge, divested me of the towel and proceeded to devour my cock. What followed next can only be described as a cock-sucking frenzy of epic proportions! I was in heaven! Although I hadn't requested any deep throat action, Sindy took me all the way in...gagging & spitting.....drooling and wanking me....licking, nibbling...ok....maybe too much info!

Now, at this stage, I must point out that premature ejaculation has always been one of my enemies so I had popped a Super Kamagra tablet about an hour before the meet. And I was so glad I did. Otherwise it would have been game over during the initial oral extravaganza! Sindy must have had me in her mouth for a good 10-15 minutes before I insisted that she let me at that sweet pussy I had seen in her profile photos. Fucking hell! Marvelous! Sindy's hygiene is impeccable and I dutifully went to town...exploring every inch outside, inside, around and yes....her asshole got a very good licking out as well! I have a hairy arse ( behave! ) so receiving rimming is not something that interests me....but Sindy appeared to really, really enjoy my my efforts to clean every inch of her nether regions.

The sex...well....30 minutes in and we hadn't fucked and by this stage she was glowing. I came up for air and Sindy gently pushed me back, applied a rubber and told me in no uncertain terms to stick my cock in her pussy. Which I did! Positions enjoyed, missionary to start with, her legs up high and over my shoulders while I pounded her deep and hard. Cowgirl...she squats like an Olympian gymnast, grinding and riding for all she's worth....and then doggy....lovely pert arse....and I was getting close to the end (round 1) so I asked her (grunted in all probability) to kneel before me so I could finish on her face. Again (as before) a good week of edging resulted in a very satisfying facial...satisfying for me in any case  :D

So..past the hour mark and a well-earned break was in order. We took time to rehydrate (bottled water) and had a really good, interesting chat. Sindy's English is excellent and it was almost as good as the sex (not really but you know what I mean).

15 minutes later and I was ready for round 2. Anal was the quest and Sindy took charge once again. A long bout of sloppy oral, good firm wanking technique got me suitably hard. Rubber on, lube applied and Sindy asked where I wanted her. What followed was pure porn. I fucked her ass in multiple positions ending again with doggy but this time spunking into the condom...to be honest producing a viable second load is practically impossible for this 50yr old.....and the deed was done. Sindy cleaned me up ( very attentively ) and we fell back on the bed, cuddle, laughed, rehydrated again and chatted for a good 10-15 minutes more. I think all in all I was there for around 2hrs 20minutes.

Summary: a really great experience. Sindy is a great, genuine girl...does everything she says she does and with enormous pleasure (apparently).
Physical Appearance: maybe a little older (facially) than her photos suggest but very pretty, fit & trim body, small tits with very sensitive nipples and wonderful ass! Photos more or less 100% accurate!
Value for money: the fee was £200 plus £30 for anal and (in my humble opinion) is well worth it.

Would I return? Definitely! If this is what all Hungarian women are like....I'm a convert  :P :P

There you are chaps. Hope this helps you with any future punting plans.
Round 4 of my seedy adventures to follow soon.

Happy Punting to One & All!
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39 review(s) found for Smiley Sindy linked to in above post (35 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

Thanks Sputnik for the review. Been on my HL for a while but Chelsea has always seemed a bit out of my way. Think I'll have to make the effort to see her...

Offline dubhcarr

thanks OP for the review this one has been on my list for a while.........guess parking has been a concern...but sounds OK.....

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