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Author Topic: 10 years  (Read 346 times)

Just wanted to post a thread celebrating 10 years punting  :dance: :yahoo: :drinks:

Thanks to everyone for their sage advice along the way. I've learned a lot but there is always more to learn. I stated in Amsterdam on my 18th bday. Then went to LMP a lot, then found AW and indies. I've had a great decade, not all good but I've been lucky to have met some lovely girls along the way. Long may it continue. Credit to all of you who have punted longer. One point I want to make is these girls aren't your friends. I've had 1 girl in 10 years buy me a drink in her own time with her own money. Don't expect a happy birthday unless you're booking her on the day. Enjoy it for what it is  :hi:

Thank you Admin for providing us with these great sites  :thumbsup:

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