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Author Topic: Karla36DD - Birmingham  (Read 1518 times)

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Offline sputnik

Hello fellow truth-seekers, as promised, here is my second review - my second time with a lady of the night.
Having previously dipped my toe in the water I now pushed the boat out a little and sought out a spicy companion for my next adventure. I found the very attractive South American (Colombian I think) Karla36DD when she was visiting Birmingham. The AW photos and the extensive list of services available sealed the deal.

https://www.adultwork.com/3421772 or https://www.adultwork.com/Karla36DD

My second punt was a less well-planned event, awoke on a Saturday morning and decided to arrange some fun for the evening. Browsed the 'Available Today' talent and quite frankly, Karla's profile stood head & shoulders above the competition (which is ironic because I don't believe I've ever fucked a tinier lady!).

Communications - via text - were prompt & perfect. Knowing that Spanish is her maiden tongue I deviously used Google Translate to make my arrangements. And it worked like a dream. I confirmed that I wanted to meet for 1 hour and expected oral without, french kissing, anal and the obligatory creamy facial to finish. Possibly to be repeated but maybe not. Karla confirmed all was ok and that the fee would be £120 + £50 for anal and £20 for a facial. The Scotsman in me cringed but have you seen her photos??? I agreed and we fixed to meet at 10pm. Karla asked me to call and confirm 20 minutes before - not a problem as I'm based closed to Birmingham City Centre in any case.

Location: central Birmingham - very close to the Mailbox (1 minute walk) and only 5 minutes from Grand Central train station. Free street parking nearby as it was late so managed to park across the road from the nominated location.

Once I had parked I called and Karla guided me to the building entrance - a very large apartment building with an on-site concierge but didn't even give me a second look. Within 60 seconds I was upstairs and standing nervously at Karla's front door - which opened even before I had to knock...and I was in!

Now, I was greeted by a vision of loveliness (yes...subjective, subjective, subjective but bear in mind this was only my second time indulging in this new & addictive hobby!) but it was not Karla. The lady in front of me had massive tits - verging on the Double F or maybe G cup category and was slim but curvy (big ass that hardly moved as she walked ahead of me leading me into a bedroom) so at that stage...no panic on my part!

Once in the bedroom I said "You're no Karla" and she was initially confused as she thought I had turned up for a 3some. As amazing as that may have been I stuck to plan and within 30 seconds Karla appeared and .... fuck me sideways! I know it's said an awful lot but this is truly a woman whose pictures fo not do her justice. I found her to be facially beautiful - very much so...just perfect really - and she was wearing ... well, almost nothing. Even as I was confirming the required services and handing over the fee I was already thanking her - that's how stunning I thought her to be!

Back on message - she greeted me very warmly, a great sloppy kiss and it was difficult to contain myself! She offered me a shower and a drink - I declined the shower as I was still practically wet from my own shower 15 minutes earlier but I gratefully accepted the offer of water (fresh bottle, unopened) as  my mouth had become suddenly dry!

Karla asked if I wanted some music and of course I said yes. Soon we were in a South American paradise - well me anyway - and I was treated to an amazing sensual dance and striptease that was just fabulous. She then helped me out of my clothes - stopping to caress my very obvious hard-on through my tighty whities.....and we fell into each others arms. She is a wonderful kisser, lots of tongue, deep, hard, urgent, gentle, lip-nibbling...wonderful!!! She said me on the edge of the bed and proceeded to give me a lap-dance and I really can't describe just how great that was - my swollen cock enveloped by 2 perfect ass cheeks as she bopped side to side and up and down....holy shit!

Appearance wise Karla (to me) was perfect. Tiny! So very tiny....not the 5'5" mentioned on her profile....maybe 5' at a push! Flawless body - no stretch marks, amazingly firm ass and large, wonderful enhanced tits with a very pert pair of nipples to finish them off. Obviously freshly showered, Karla smelled divine - clean and minty-fresh as confirmed during the introductory snogging session!

I had mentioned that anal was required if possible - no I'm not huge but ... they can always decline and Karla said "no problem...if we don't do anal I give you the money back". So, the first things she asks is "You want to fuck my ass?" - and yes dear reader, condom was applied (apparently by magic) and next thing I knew she guided me straight up her ass. We fucked in several positions, me sitting her....her fucking me (what a sight to behold) in semi cowgirl position, then switched to me standing, her bending over (where I really pounded for all I was worth), then her on her back, legs up in the air and me just enjoying every single thrust! I must also point out that Karla is quite vocal (and even though it's a performance..it's a great performance) and every thrust was greeted by a very attractive moan.

Noting to myself that a facial had also been paid for, we took a short break and spent a very enjoyable 10 minutes or so eating her out. Beautiful pussy...just like the proverbial peach!

Fresh condom applied we then fucked again - 3 positions, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and missionary at which point it was time to empty my balls. Karla immediately dropped to her knees and wanked me off all over her delicious, innocent-looking face. The perfect porno finish and she even rubbed my spunk all over her face with the offending member. Awesome!

Taking a moment to catch my breath, we had a bout 10 minutes remaining so Karla very kindly cleaned me up - lots of wet wipes - and we cuddled and chatted for a good 10-15 minutes. Not only is she a joy to behold & fuck but she has a great personality and was very easy to chat with.

So, not believing my second time could be so much better than my first - albeit much more expensive - £190/hr is not something that will be habit forming but you know what, again..you get what you pay for and in this case I was tempted to offer her more at the end  :lol: :lol: :lol:

Would I return? All day long but maybe without the anal (purely on principle as a huge additional extra).

Episodes 3 & 4 in my quest for self fulfillment will follow in due course.

Happy Punting to One & All!

20 review(s) found for Karla36DD linked to in above post (16 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

I saw her yesterday and I must agree, she is far nicer looking than her pictures.

Really nice personality as well... Those tits and ass though..... Fuck me..... :diablo:

Online PepeMAGA

you seem to have a good eye for picking good punts 2/2 top girls.
I was a bit dubious about Karla with the heavy airbrushing, but now i'm thinking it's worth a go.
did you get the name of the first girls with the big tits?

Offline sputnik

In fairness...both girls had very big boobs!

The other girl is https://www.adultwork.com/3425434 or https://www.adultwork.com/+SexyDiana

They both appear to be gracing Derbyshire with their presence at the moment....lucky Derbyshire  :P

4 review(s) found for  SexyDiana linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Karla moves to Leeds next week, and I think the other one is returning home, I think...

Free up that diary pronto !!!
« Last Edit: October 13, 2016, 10:33:38 PM by NervousJimmy »

Online PepeMAGA

Karla moves to Leeds next week, and I think the other one is returning home, I think...

Free up that diary pronto !!!

sheeiit, I'm a bit broke and busy for the next few weeks. hopefully she'll come back.

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