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Author Topic: Holly Minx Bournemouth  (Read 1232 times)

This happened a few weeks back so the details are a bit sketchy, but thought I would share.


I text Holly in the morning asking for a booking 1 hour booking at 5pm that day , my text included my requests. She responded well so we confirmed time/activities. A couple of hours before the meet she text to check I was coming, at what time and for how long. A bit of duplication but nothing wrong with checking, so we agreed again. Half an hour before the meet she text and asked me to bring a cold bottle of sauvignon blanc and again asked me how long I wanted. Bit cheeky considering the rates she charges! I said I would struggle to get the wine and confirmed for the 3rd time I would like an hour. I was doubting the meet at this point. 15 mins before the meeting she text again - asking if I was still coming and how long I want. I asked if she was drunk (because of the wine she requests) and told her I wasn't coming anymore. She had put me off, alcohol requests, not getting her timings sorted rang too many alarm bells for me. She did then ask me to call but I had decided by then.

I might have been reading too much into things. But thought i would let everyone know. This is where someone pipes up and tells me what a filthy fuck she is and I should have stuck with it!

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Offline gheeme

I visited her a few years back when she was doing in calls in Hants and she was off her head on coke. Then told me Horror stories of being abused and kidnapped in Middle East as a sex slave.

If you like a good fuck with a nutter go right ahead

Wow. I bet that was... Ermmm... Interesting

I saw her in a hotel in Maidstone a couple of years ago. Actually very hot, photos are legit. She gave a good blowjob and was very bendy! She is definitely a coke head though, she asked me for a local contact and told me she would see me again for less if I could get her any. Also ranted on about only having to do this for a living because she owed some bloke money. As previously said, not bad if you like a crazy blonde, but expect the unexpected!

Thought this might complete the thread

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