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Author Topic: Magnificent mollie, Homerton, good and bad  (Read 464 times)

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This punt happened in mid-August and was at the start of my punting career. I was looking for a dirty older lady who was a bit rough and under £120 for the hour (and not further than 20 minute walk away - I know, lazy).

I saw Mollie's gallery pic and thought that is the slight belly and worn out vagina for me.

I initially called her in July for an incall assuming she was in as per her profile. Turns out she does outcalls to there a lot so puts her location as there. Actually she's in Homerton. Anyway, in August I'm meeting mates in Hackney so put in the call.

Comms were good via text and she tells me to phone her when I'm there. It's a block of ex-council flats. She warns about ruffians outside but not a peep from them - they were too busy spitting bars.

Get up and receive a hug and peck. She's in sexy black lingerie. I shower then we confirm DFK, OWO and protected sex. Money exchanged.

Some small talk. Then she kisses me standing up. I sit on the bed and ask for a lapdance which she has listed as a service - it's awful.

Swiftly moving on to her taking her clothes off. Boobs are saggy, more of a belly than I was expecting and allied with bad teeth gaps I know I've made an average decision here. I soldier on.

DFK, OWO, 69, me rimming her all good. She actively makes a point of saying she doesn't rim. I hadn't asked about it or pushed her head down. It's not on her likes list so I wasn't expecting. All I had asked was for her to lick my balls and move down a bit . . .

Rubber on. Mish then doggy. Now she is making fake noises and rubbing my balls trying to get 1st pop and it happens.

Have a little wet wipe cleaning break. On with a cuddle and more chat. She's an ex-parlour girl historically up north. I realise the ball rubbing trick is a legacy of that. She really alludes to no 2nd pop so I get a massage with coconut oil/lotion which is average. She mitigates it with "I'll have a try" but much like the lapdance - why list if you can't do it?

More OWO and I finish by jerking onto boobs.

More chat and another shower and I'm gone.

Nice enough lady, some good bedroom skills but too many games and a like list not reflective of talent. If body was as in gallery pic I would go back but it isn't.

So a neutral from me because I was happy enough with demeanour and skills just 3 or 4 niggling annoyances.


1 review(s) found for Magnificent mollie linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Cheers, made interesting reading.

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