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Author Topic: Lucy Milano and Victoria Premium; Outcall  (Read 713 times)

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Offline Upper Brunei

1.5 Hour Outcall to my place.

Prices as advertised



For quite some time now I've been trying to put together a duo with Lucy and someone who would be equally enthusiastic about full on, hell for leather girl on girl action, but previous attempts have resulted in a catalogue of failures (never Lucy's fault to be fair).
Several weeks ago I concluded that the ideal person for the job was Victoria, who'd I'd seen for a series of increasingly filthy bookings but matching availability had been incredibly difficult. Until Tuesday.
Sometimes when you've been planning something for ages, the actual reality can be a bit of a let down, birthday parties or married life, for example. Not in this case. No way Jose.
I wish there was a way to grade a review as better than 'positive'. Perhaps Fanfuckingtastic would be more appropriate (Thanks June!)
Both girls arrived in good time, Lucy was quite early as usual.
After brief introductions we moved upstairs and I gave the girls a few minutes to get ready and chat. On entering the bedroom, I was greeted with what must be one of the finest sights known to humanity-Lucy & Victoria in very sexy underwear kissing and stroking each other on the bed. I didn't need asking twice to strip off and get in the middle of this saucy sandwich!
Now the thing about duos is they only really go well if both girls are of a similar level of 'bi-ness' and they are both comfortable with each other. Fortunately, Lucy and Victoria were both in full on lady love mode and seemed to genuinely fancy the pants off each other. The result was a writhing mass of bodies with every imaginable combination going on, seemingly all at once. Sometimes the only way I could tell who was where was when someone began working on my bumhole, a classic Victoria move!
After a lot of kissing, sucking and licking, both girls made each other go off with some very moist consequences, it was time to take things up another level. Fortunately, Victoria had arrived armed with an enormous double ended dildo. Honestly, I don't know how she fits that monster in as she's really quite petite. She began by working it into Lucy's pussy, slowly fucking her harder with it, before inserting the other end into herself. Honestly, watching those two grind against each other whilst moaning with pleasure is definitely a highlight! This went on for quite a while as they got more into it. They seemed a bit concerned that I was just watching for a bit but I was good with the watching. Loved the watching. Happy to watch away. Until I wasn't. At which point I went to the end of the bed and Victoria laid back so I could face fuck her as they both continued to work on the dildo. 'Victoria's getting spit roasted' said Lucy, which was a fair point. Then she asked for it to be her turn, and to be honest, how can you refuse an offer like that?
I'm not entirely sure what happened after they stopped using the dildo. There was lube involved. Lots of lube. So much lube. But after Victoria had treated me to her special Lubey Bum Wank, I shot my wad all over Lucy's tits and Victoria made a pretty neat job of licking it off.
So, after a lot of trying, the 'let's do a duo with Lucy and a really hot bi girl' box has been well and truly ticked.
Best. Duo. Ever.
Only wish it had been longer.
One final word of advice: Don't Try This At Home Folks! but if you do, try it with these two.
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (Saint Joseph, Young Conservative, Upper Brunei)

9 review(s) found for Morgan Mac linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline the game

Awesome review, that is two girls added to the hot list, thank you. Also must be said you my friend are a legend, I am both envious and in awe of your punting, keep up the good work! :thumbsup:

Offline OscarC

Victoria is great, and probably my current favourite, never met Lucy, but now on radar.

Offline Upper Brunei

Every time I see Victoria she ups the filth ante. I keep leaving thinking we're reached some kind of peak but then the next time it gets even dirtier. I don't know how she does it or what the hell we'll be doing in a few months!!!
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (Saint Joseph, Young Conservative, Upper Brunei)

That punt sounded awesome!

I've heard that Premium plan to send some of their girls down to Teesside before year's end (Victoria being one of them). I really do hope they carry out this "threat"!

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