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Author Topic: Punting for peace (in relationships)  (Read 620 times)

Offline Jvosta

I'm fully aware that many of us punt to save a marriage starved of sex,

But does anyone else punt to keep the peace in the relationship or punt for our own vendetta?

For example -  The wife/gf has thoroughly pissed you off, in usual circumstances you would participate in the full on argument however,  instead, you swallow your pride, let her win, and take your frustrations out on the prossie and therefore maintaining the peace in relationship with the wife none the wiser.

I read a post somewhere here a while ago, that a punter forgave his OH for cheating, only because he has been cheating / punting since the start of their relationship. Or something like that.

Just interested to know if anyone else punts for motives other than enjoyment.

Offline mrhappypants

First I DO punt because I enjoy it (sometimes).

My marriage became sexless despite my best efforts and my wife conceded to an open relationship after this went on for five long years. Unbeknownst to us this was only shortly before she had to have major (disfiguring) surgery.  Through honesty and acceptance our marriage is still strong.

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