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Author Topic: Barbara_Goldilocks in Cardiff  (Read 588 times)

Offline Corus Boy


Down in the Bay, looks good, especially if you're an anal fan.

13 review(s) found for Barbara_Goldilocks linked to in above post (12 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Theres another post on here that links to her videos. Might be worth a look before you book

Offline Corus Boy

Bang one in her Bum  :crazy:

She looks good,  also a Czech mate

You're knighted, arise Sir Hugh.

She was good on her public agent vid ...

Offline HughJardon

You're knighted, arise Sir Hugh.

I've been waiting for my annointment for years.

But I'm just a regular Joe punter Like the rest of the down to earth Welsh lads

BTW this girl looks decent but may opt for Carla of HNDF fame...

But she's probably busier than a one armed brick layer in Baghdad  :cool:

Offline Corus Boy

Profile indicates that she has already moved on!

Offline HughJardon

Profile indicates that she has already moved on!

That's a shame,  I think we missed out on a good un there


I saw this thread and texted her this morning wrt to seeing her in Cardiff today. Got a reply saying she had moved on this afternoon. 

To be honest I am not too disappointed.  Watched her porn as per the other thread on here, and was quite put off.  I had been tempted by the "fisting" as never done that, but after watching her vids I can see why she offers it - huge capacity inside!  Also she has huge pussy lips, and that pussy pump made her look like she had a dick.

Glad I missed her.

Cheers!  :drinks:

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