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Author Topic: Cherry_Cumsalot - Birmingham City Centre  (Read 1326 times)

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Offline sputnik

Hi everyone.
I've been a member here for some time now but haven't been able to a) visit any girls and b) post any reviews due to some serious family issues at home (across the Irish Sea). Thankfully, issues are now resolved and I've finally managed to take the big step (for me) and venture into the 'working girl wonderland' that is paying for sex  :rolleyes:

I've met 4 girls since the beginning of September and here's my account of girl number 1 - Cherry_Cumsalot of Birmingham.

https://www.adultwork.com/3647618 or https://www.adultwork.com/Cherry%5FCumsalot

For my first punt (working from a lengthy hotlist on AW) I wanted to meet an English girl, early to mid-20s, facially very attractive with a very good body (subjective I know) and willing to offer as a minimum French Kissing, Oral Without, Receiving Oral and willing to take a healthy facial as a grand finale. Cherry appeared to tick all these boxes so I dropped her an email when I saw that she would be available in Birmingham on a Friday afternoon. Communication was excellent - received an almost instantaneous response via email and a positive agreement to my previously specified requirements.
The day of the appointment I emailed her to confirm and she forwarded me her mobile number asking me to call once I had arrived at the advised location.

Location: central Birmingham, very close to the NIA and therefore plenty of parking available.

Once arrived & parked, I called Cherry and she gave me final instructions - a 2 minute walk and I was at the front door. Called again and she gave me the number code of the door-entry pad and I was in...can't tell you how excited I was!

Once in the apartment I was greeted with a cheery hello and very welcoming, wet kiss. Considering the massive age-gap....I was delighted with that. Happy to confirm that Cherry looks exactly as her pictures suggest, tiny (5'1"), size 8 (surely no bigger) and in my opinion, very, very pretty. So far....so good.

I had booked an hour so once I had confirmed my service requirements and handed over the fee (£130) Cherry offered me a drink - just a glass of water was all I needed and we sat down for quick natter (my preference) and chatted for about 5/6 minutes. I had asked Cherry to wear the outfit on her main profile picture - a silky negligee that really leaves nothing to the imagination. The chat time allowed to drink in the whole picture - yes...I ogled. May have drooled a bit..if I did..she was kind enough not to mention it.

Having showered no more than 15 minutes before our meeting time, we were able to get started without any further delay and it was off to the bedroom. It's a very well-appointed apartment, spotlessly clean and very comfortable. A good sized bedroom and more than suitable for the planned event.

Clothes (mine) quickly hit the floor and I was able to commence...French kissing quickly became deep French kissing, my hands exploring every inch of her body - great tits...not the Double-D cup advertised but much more than a handful....with excellent, responsive nipples. Before I knew it Cherry was also naked and wasted no time in getting up close & personal with what I can only describe as beautiful pussy. Cherry's hygiene was impeccable, she smslled great, was freshly & cleanly shaved with a small clit....I must have spent 10-15 minutes giving it my all...not quite lock-jaw territory but Cherry's vocal responses and an evidently wet environment suggests I was doing something right  :P

I think she came from this..to be honest...I don't really care....but again...she certainly made me feel that I was hitting the spot!
Her hands (tiny, tiny hands) wandered down and it was her turn to go to town. Great tongue action on both head & shaft and even a little ball-sucking to further engorge my passion. I did have to ask her to stop otherwise it would have ended all too soon!

Time for the main event and she very expertly rubbered me up...I asked for cowgirl to start and it was fab! A very nice fit and Cherry is certainly an active 'on-top' partner...we then moved to missionary which was really, really good...continuing the deep French kissing especially when going for the legs up over the shoulders deep penetrating strokes.

And finally, doggy-style. Cherry's ass is a joy to behold. Tiny and firm and she was up for quite a frantic pounding by yours truly. Felt like hours (definitely no more than 2 minutes) and as expected, took me to the point of no return. I told her I was ready to cum and she very quickly assumed the position - kneeling before me, mouth wide open and insisted that I 'spunk all over' her angelic face (angelic is my description....and yes...all subjective)...2 weeks of edging made for a very nice, visually appealing, messy face finish!....being the gentleman that I am...I apologised but we both knew I wasn't really sorry...not even a bit  :lol:

Time was almost up....about 10 minutes remaining so I suggested a quick smoke before saying my goodbyes.

All in all...a very enjoyable first punt and a big box on my bucket-list well & truly ticked.

Value for money? A little pricier than the Birmingham 'norm' I think - seems to be around the £100/hr mark - but if you believe that you get what you pay for....then yes, I would happily say great value for money. She is very pretty, very good body, 100% English, delivered everything that I requested with gusto!

Would I return? Yes....yes I would.

So that's it...my first punt...my first review....I hope it proves helpful to my fellow punters.
I'll get around to posting reviews of the other 3 girls before the end of the week....would rather they are accurate than rushed.

Happy Punting to One & All!

1 review(s) found for Cherry_Cumsalot linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline PepeMAGA

good review, she looks pretty hot.

Online Littlefoot

Great! 1st review Sputnik. Gave me a semi!

Look forward to your next 3..... and more!

Obviously! she's made it on my HL

Shame she only works Friday's.

But I will be keeping a close eye on this one.
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