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Author Topic: jennifer_pussy, (Wembley Harrow City Of London Paddington Heathrow) - Anyone  (Read 10042 times)

I saw Jennifer about a year or so ago for a threesome with my girlfriend.
Have to say i was very impressed.
We travelled quite a way and got there very late on a Saturday night.
She was very friendly and genuinely bi, which was important for us.
She did owo, french kissing, allowed us to finger her and in the end i finished coming in her mouth and she then did a snowball with my girlfriend.
She also let us video most of it, which is what we really wanted so we could watch it back again :)

Her photos are 100% her and i would actually say her age is pretty true too.
Definitely a positive from me.
P.S. Those tits are amazing too and all natural  ;)

Blimey, that sounds amazing. Can I ask how much that set you back in total and how long you were there? Thanks

Offline scooby73

I managed to "bargain" with her and got it for £150 for the hour.
Worth every penny  :dance:

Offline tittyboy

First post by a semi regular escort user, usual 2/3 times a year mainly in the north, was planning on making a booking with Jennifer when down in the capital as she seems to have all the things i usually go for, face pics, feedback, great body, french kissing, range of services, A etc etc, plus a 'personality'.

Thing is its the mixed signals im getting here, described as mad, crazy....in what way??

Am i in for the ride of my life or a royal pain in my ass, any clarity would be appreciated Cheers

Depends on the mood she is in.  First time I saw her she was up for pretty much anything and blew me away, sweet natured and attentive.  Second time she was still good.  third time she was trying to milk me for more cash for stuff that was included, asked for a present, and asked after my wife.  was a bit of a pain to be honest.   She is however an awesome mindblowing fuck, depends if you can put up with the rest of it.

Offline Pace10

Her last feedback on Adultwork is negative and goes like this:
Worst girl ever. She made me wait for 1hr then told me she fucked to much and she was tired. Offered me her friend and walked off. I booked her a week ago
The user posting this has only 2 feedbacks himself though, and both members are not active any more.

Offline tittyboy

Cheers for the replies guys, though im not sure if im any wiser, yes she sounds like a livewire but mad and crazy could also apply to some of her clients, sheesh that thread link lol So long as she is just mad in a wacky way rather than a MAD way.

Think i might just take the plunge and see what happens she does look a bit to hot to not give a go -)

Offline jj007jj

oh shes a hotty all right.

also looks like shes moved from wembley park now and is next door to wembley central station.

Offline zatoichi

heres a few more pages for you to read up on about Jennifer https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=17959.0
Thanks for that as i was quite tempted having a thing for crazy.Can't be doing with sniffed up though

Offline kong

does she actually do a level or have it on her profile just to lure punters?

Offline Persie

I have added her to my Hot List - seems she may be very much like Turkish Dilem 'The Sex Teacher' seen her a couple of times and really great sessions in same area - also a slightly crazy girl BUT in a very sexy way - read her reviews on UKP and AW

- https://www.adultwork.com/1814907 or https://www.adultwork.com/THE+SEXY+TEACHER

why does she keep changing her name?
Banning reason: Stalking prossies on Facebook and threatening to out them

3 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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