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Author Topic: Jessica Diamond xxx Swansea  (Read 1136 times)

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Offline bonzo2016

https://www.adultwork.com/3743512 or https://www.adultwork.com/Jessica+Diamond+xxx

Here goes - first review.  Hope it's ok.

Where - Incall Apartment in Swansea

How much - £80 for 30 mins (plus £30 extra if you want anal - you have to go anal!)  I was undecided but after seeing it..............

Venue - New Apartment blocks in the Quays area of Swansea.  Parking could be awkward as it looks as if it's residents only.  I guessed at a free space and it was ok.  You ring when outside and get buzzed in. Up the stairs and straight into tidy looking flat.

Comms - Very good  Having been stood up by gingersnappz, needed someone short notice.  She didn't disappoint.  Quick responses.

Looks - Jessica is very tall especially in the high heels she was wearing.  She was still tall when she took them off. Wearing a black basque very nice - I woulda liked stockings but that's just a personal preference.  Jess has a pretty face but I wouldn't say stunning, nice long her, but oh my god what a body! Tall, athletic, toned, fairly small tits which suit her frame.  But without doubt one of the best arses I've ever seen.

The meet - OK paperwork done and she encouraged me to undress whilst she went somewhere.  She came back, nice kissing without being DFK and asked me to lie on bed.  She lay next to me, more kissing - my hands wandering to her breasts and ass, hers to my old boy.  She moved her way down biting my nipples (she checked first which was good) then straight licking and sucking my balls before moving up and taking me deep throat.  Wow! alternating between cock and balls, drooling and spitting on them - lovely.  She then went on all fours next to me and encouraged me to play with her.

So finger in her pussy, more bj on me, then she said 'no, in my ass'.  So that's how it was for a while, her sucking me off and me fingering her ass. Then into 69, her wanting me to pay more attention to her ass which I did, tongue fast in there.  When I did move to her pussy my finger took over where my tongue had been in her ass. Face sitting followed with her grinding her ass onto my face.  Great.

Onto the act.  Duffle coat on. Doggy for a while.  Then into anal from doggy position.  I gave as good as I could, her saying 'you fucking my ass?' and the like.  She wanted me to slap her ass while she turned and slapped my leg/arse and pinched my nipples.  I couldn't last this for much longer so asked for mish anal.  She agreed but then suggested cowgirl anal - a first for me. In I go, then she stretched back and rode me, only changing to sit upright and grind with my cock full into her ass.  All the while dirty talking.  I didn't last long, and was surprised I lasted as long as I did - coming in that position while she took it all the way in - going faster and deeper as I approached.

A little bit of chat afterwards (she's very pleasant) and she was happy to have taken my cowgirl anal cherry!

VFM - £110 for 30 mins is a little more than I pay, but without a doubt you get so much extra.  £150 the hour but I'm just not an hour man.  1 pop and i'd never last a whole hour!

Would I return - 100% the next time she is around.  She alternates between Swansea, Cheltenham, Plymouth and home (Hungary where she doesn't work).  Catch her lads if you can - she is only here for the rest of the week.


6 review(s) found for Jessica Diamond xxx linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Wow Bonzo great review. We just mentioned her.
And review has certainly tipped me. Hope she's still here Sunday.

Offline Thecook

Great review.....got me thinking now :rolleyes:

Great review Bonzo.  She is on my HL.  Hope she comes to Cardiff or Bristol.

Great review.....got me thinking now :rolleyes:

Lmao thought you didn't do foreigners Cook  :D

Offline Thecook

Ha ha jester....with a review like that I think my mind has been changed lol

Ha ha jester....with a review like that I think my mind has been changed lol

I have  :hi: and on the doorstep

Offline Boblowjob

I've seen Jess this week also. Third time in total, she always gives a full on experience. Super horny girl.  I agree, amazing body and a beautiful ass.  She's only here for a week, so last day is this Sunday ish.. Fill your boots guys she's fucking awesome.
Banning reason: Previously banned (Boblow)

She certainly looks it Bob, trying to finish off my Wales H/L but might slip this in before she goes

Offline playpal69

Epic review Bonzo, love it.
Think I'd pop in 30 seconds never mind minutes

awesome mate  :thumbsup:

Awesome review Bonzo. Another for the HL I think

Cracking first review Bonzo  :hi:

Seems like we have another new star. Shames she's not around more often. But will definitely have to catch her on one of her trips to Swansea. She sounds hot as fuck

She is currently in Cheltenham.  Don't know for how long.  Not too far away.

Offline Redevil86

Great review bonzo, reading that took me back to my days reading razzle and escort magazines with those readers wives, back when I could knock out 6 or 7 a day ! Another on to h l , swansea's not that far having done the neath and port talbot area recently .

Currently she's in Cheltenham  :thumbsdown:
I had tried to book for today during week but she said they were off.

Offline bonzo2016

Thanks for the comments guys - I think I was still excited writing it!  She told me she was going to Cheltenham for a week, then Plymouth and back to Hungary.  She will then be back in Swansea, so I'm hoping it won't be too long.

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