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Author Topic: Ashlee.....portfolio  (Read 527 times)

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Offline Thecook

First review so bare with me......

After struggling to meet one of the Ladies on AW I'd wanted to see with my limited time I opted for Portfolio after the great reviews.

I phoned up and spoke to gent who was down to earth and really helpful. I wanted to book Farah but she was unavailable, he suggested I meet Ashlee as she was available. I said I'd ring back after I'd looked at a review. He asked if I wanted a pic sent to my phone which I did. I called back and arranged a booking for that evening (which was 6/10)

Location was easy to find with parking just round the corner. I called as I got there and the gent on the phone met me at the door, introduced himself and showed me to the room.

I met Ashlee who looked absolutely gorgeous, she's 20ish yrs old, amazing figure 10/12 with lovely curves and very pretty, she was wearing a little black dress with stockings and suspenders.

Got the paper work out the way £150 for an hour and she was back in the room.

She didn't ask what service I was looking for and I was a bit nervous so I didn't say anything and just went with the flow. I was after a sensual GFE and was not disappointed.

We started kissing some tongues but not full DFK but very nice. I started undressing her but left the underwear on. I went behind her to check her out from behind and what a lovely ass, kissing her neck she was rubbing her ass on my groin which got me going, I took off her bra to find her lovely large breasts then headed down in her knickers and she was really wet. I undressed her and got her on the bed. Lots of RO kissing (more tongues this time)and fingering, then she returned the favour, great OWO getting most of it in. I then went for more RO but from behind so I could get some rimming in, all tasting fantastic and appeared to be really enjoying.
Then Jonny on and went for some cowgirl, I had problems with the Jonny so asked her to finish with more OWO. I did have to ask to to play with my ass which she did but didn't think she was up for rimming me as she didn't go near there with her tongue. She was lying on her back with her head hanging off the bed and I stood over her getting a  blowie and having my balls sucked whilst fingering her.
Time was running out so she finished me off with a hand job which didn't take long.

VFM definitely
Service was just like if I'd  pulled a sweetie back in my younger days, definitely recommend.
Looking back the only very small criticism I would say is that if she took the lead now and again it would of made it a bit more fun.
I'd definitely go back.

 :drinks: Well done Cook :thumbsup: Thank fook you got there in the end
Good review and fair play never gone through agency personally. But portfolio seem to be doing well of late.

Offline Thecook

Haha I know, hopeful won't be so long for the next....only problem is I still have no reviews on AW so need to get that sorted so I can see Olivia.

Offline Thecook

The agency is great, very professional! The guy who I communicated with was asking about UKP as he has seen the reviews on here and is very thankful of them.

Well if your down this end of M4 Cook there is Jessica Diamond in Swansea Marina area... She's getting good reviews at present sure she would book with zero.
Tempted myself tbh..

Haha I know, hopeful won't be so long for the next....only problem is I still have no reviews on AW so need to get that sorted so I can see Olivia.

If you need feedback reviews, most of the girls are happy to give you one, (and a review as well) if you ask.  If you didn't book them on a/w, just say you will for eg that evening and then do feedback on that and they can then leave you feedback in return.

Offline Thecook

Jester I've been thinking about JD but like the British girls.....I'm not ruling it out, I like them a little more curvy.
Iver I lost my old account and haven't seen anyone on here for years so I'm trying to find one swansea way that I like and is VFM then I'll get my review....hopefully not to long.

Yeh I've not booked foreigner ever. But JD certainly looks the part.

And glad you got back to a great start and didn't have a negative. That's the beauty of this network, it's bang on.

And if you look at the Welsh boards seems to have less negatives than the others.

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