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Author Topic: Lorena 69 - Exeter  (Read 1236 times)

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Offline Dustybin

Hi all first proper punt for me.

https://www.adultwork.com/2987784. Thanks to this site homework all done before.

Most coms by text with prompt response.

Fee £140 1 hr

Location, Exeter central nice tidy flat easy to find with paid parking close by. Still managed to go in the wrong building though.

Lorena well she is a stunner opens the door wearing a  lovely silk dressing gown.

Led in to the bedroom sorted the paper work out Lorena goes to stash the cash meanwhile I strip to my birthday suit. On her return she's asks if I would like a shower I accept thinking I may have stripped in the wrong order never mind.

On to the action,I was offered a massage first which I accepted being a bit flustered. Then it was on with a Jonny and some nice slow oral for me.

After a while Lorena got up put her lovely boobs in my face for a nice suck this was followed by the question what position would I like first cow girl first please. She rode me for a while sofltly and quietly and then suggested doggy.

Having popped a blue pill earlier and knowing how it can sometimes delay things I had the tingle so filled the condom sooner rather than later thinking I could recover in time for a second pop.

Lorena cleaned me up we had a little chat and offered a little more massage. After a short time with this she says you have 15 minutes left what would you like to do (she wears a watch).

Thinking I'm not gonna pop again in side her I opted for a hand job. She tried her best but the little man was not going to come again so after a while we gave up and she offered me a shower again. Think I will have to accept I'm a 1 pop man!

I didn't time myself in or out but I pretty sure I was back on the street within the hour.

If I return  I would certainly make more use of her services,as this was my first proper punt I think nerves got in the way a bit.


Lovely looking girl great body she does put you at ease and make you feel comfortable in a safe environment!

Not sure if she would suit those looking for pse.

Would I go back deffo yes.

5 review(s) found for Lorena 69 linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Leveve

Thanks for the review.
Glad you had a good one   :drinks:

Shes a gorgeous looking girl - smoking hot pics in her AW gallery.

Offline Roth

Nice review Dustybin :drinks: Handy if you can add the location in the subject field :thumbsup:

Offline markc65

Great review

Wow, she is a good looking girl, wonder how long she'll be in Exeter for. I think I need to take a trip along the A38

Sounds like my type of girl. May have to fuck her for my xmas pressie. Bit out of my price range but i'm sure i can find an extra £40 somewhere

Offline PaintBrush

Nice one DB, one to look out for if I venture south on the M5

She's been on my hit list for a while now, so waiting for her to venture back to sunny Bournemouth next year...

Nice review Dusty.  She looks very nice.  :hi:

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