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Author Topic: Ameera - Camden Town  (Read 2261 times)

32 review(s) for Hot&Seductive (31 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Ludwig]

Offline Paolo dw

After seeing review after review extolling her virtues, the opportunity to take the plunge arose last week. Having exchanged messages on UKE I booked a 90 minute session for £220 which seemed a bargain compared to Maxes girls which is where I had started my punting career. If this girl was a Maxes girl the same session would have been £350.

Anyway, it started badly when she was delayed getting to Camden so we had a one hour delay. However she stayed in constant touch and since I didn’t have anything on after the punt I was relatively chilled about it; (had I had another meeting to get to though then that clearly would not have been the case). Eventually she gave me the address but it turned out to be the wrong number so I was banging the door of the wrong flat for 5 minutes before she realised. Thankfully no one was there!

Eventually I ended up in the right place and she pounced on me as I walked in the door, giving me a full on snog. What transpired thereafter was 90 mins of excellence which landed her a place in my Top 3 punts of all time (there’s been around 30). Ameera is skinny skinny, but her skin is soft and squishy, if that makes sense, rather than toned/muscular so she’s basically skinny but with plenty to grab. There was kissing, deep rimming, facesitting, 69, BJs, fucking, all mixed up and rapidly moving between services; there was no formulaic structure going on here - it was like the 'all you can eat' buffet where you just dive from one bit to the next and then back again to where you started. We also did some tie and tease and ,because sometimes it’s hard to pick up everything she says, I was taken aback somewhat when she started dripping hot candle wax over me. But fuck me as we went through the session this was something awesomely different from the standard fare on offer.

This is a girl who clearly enjoys what she is doing, unlike some of those girls who literally just go through the motions. She was great to talk to, had some great music going on in the background and just was a really nice girl. Facial piercings may not be to everyone’s taste, but I have no complaints. This was a punt I really enjoyed and there was no clock watching, it was just a relaxed, fun and full-on punt where I felt real value for money. And she got 2 cumshots out of me, when normally I can’t get more than 1 so there’s an extra bonus for that.

So I wasn't going to give this review because there's so many out there, but if we're quick to slag off someone who offers a shit service, then we may as well praise the ones who offer a great one (depending on what you are after of course).

And, just for info, the other 2 girls in my Top 3 are Gabriella (ex Maxes) and Rio Lee.

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

32 review(s) found for Hot&Seductive linked to in above post (31 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)
77 review(s) found for Hot Ameera linked to in above post (76 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Thanks for the review,you have a solid looking top 3 there! :hi:

Offline a1b2

She is on my hotlist to do b4 xmas.

Can you provide link for Gabriella?

Offline Zeusthedoc

Thanks for the review. Glad to see she is still in point.

Will need to book again soon.

Offline fuckit

Sorry if this is a dumb question but how do you locate her on UkEscorting.com?

Offline zulu-lance

Any ideas on how the registration process on UKE works? Signed up last evening, however still haven't received the registration confirmation  link through email despite requesting it twice? Anyone facing similar problems?

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

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