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Author Topic: Nottingham and surrounding  (Read 598 times)

Offline Ramone5

Ive been looking on here at ladies, parlours and massage places around nottingham for the last few days.  What i have found is that very few seem to have unanimously good reports.  Just as i see one i think is right there pops up a bad report or even worse some scandal.  So which girls in the area are dead certs for good service, good looks ( i know its subjective) and a nice venue?  Also which is the best parlour in the area, directors lodge looks tempting?  Thanks for advice
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Offline sirbonkalot

cant vouch for the local parlours or agencies but if you review the list of East Midlands girls listed in the EM section you wont go far wrong, the reviews are there to read and while being subjective from each posters personlay opinion it will give you a good lead into the best in the region.
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Offline RedKettle

Without wishing to piss on your parade if you want a "dead cert" you are in the wrong game.

For a start what you like will be different to other members of UKP. Then the WGs can have an off day, not be feeling up for it or just do not click with you.

I find even with regulars that what is a great punt one time might only be average another time.

Use the list of EM WGs linked above and read the reviews - that will increase your odds of finding what you want, but if that is a dead cert then find another hobby.

Offline GolfNut

RK and SBA are right.

One man's meat and all that....

You do stand a better chance of a decent punt with any of the well reviewed girls but your degree of enjoyment or not as the case may be will clearly depend on what ticks your boxes.

As you have not stipulated any specific preferences looks, shape and service wise it's unlikely anyone of us can help you decide.

Maybe give us more of a clue and we can decide if we can help.

You're not related to the "other" Ramone by any chance are you??
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I'm sure cue ball will pop by with some useful links soon :D

Offline Ramone5

You are right.  Dead cert was probably the wrong terminology.  I will use the link above and hopefully pick the right girl.

Not related or linked to anyone else on here,   
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