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Author Topic: Missy is back  (Read 1459 times)

Has been back for several weeks, though she has hardly done any days in London (if any) - keep checking the schedule to see when she will be in London

Offline boardyhell

swallow doesn't seem to be on the menu any more but anal is added,swings and round abouts

Offline Setodger

anyone seen her since her return or know if she is back on AW?

To my knowledge she hasn't done any days in London, shame as I would visit,I was a semi regular of hers first time around.

But can't be arsed to travel to Milton keynes.

Offline vt

anyone seen her since her return or know if she is back on AW?

Yes, I've seen her in MK since her return...she's filled out a bit with fuller naturals and a juicy booty, but I actually fancied her more this time...still inventive & energetic and a lot more confident & sassy in her personality too. I loved her GFE/PSE mix...


From what she told me, I doubt she'll make it to London any time soon...just one day a week in MK at the moment.
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I just read that she's back, hope she makes a visit to London.

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