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Author Topic: More Brit-rom than Brit-ish  (Read 305 times)

Came across a familiar photo...still for the life of me can't remember a name.  Anyway, I refer to Lady naughty Rachel

https://www.adultwork.com/3775377 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lady+naughty+Rachel

Indicated nationality as British plus one of interview questions used the term 'bloke'.  First doubt was CF11 post code.  May be not.  Text to see.  Second doubt was a response in 0.3 seconds.  Third doubt when full postcode given......and then Shakin' Stevens' was singing one of his all time hits in my head.

A minor vehicle bump in a car park distracted me from confirming I was going to turn up and 'Rachel' texted me.  It was easier to ring back and shall we say the accent was not a dialect familiar to my ears. The lady speaking may have been great but unfortunately did not fit the profile.

The rate is £120 and other familiar and popular British ladies offer similar prices.  Just thought I'd share just in case has attracted interest elsewhere.  If I am mistaken, then of course will be happy to apologise.

P.S.  Also if you have a bump in your car because some one reverses out of their parking space whilst you are stationary in a line of traffic in Asda...and then they try to blame you....CCTV cameras are brilliant.  You don't have to see the evidence, just point them out....and you end up talking to a totally different (the driver) person....

Apologies....clarification...I wasn't going to turn up, yet forgot to let her know this because of bump.

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 :vomit: :vomit:

Offline HughJardon

Yeah it's Bait n Switch too..

Don't bother knocking on the  Green Door though!!  Better to "get down " to a Shakey number than visit there

Also bad news about the car old boy,  hope the damage gets paid for  :thumbsup:

I am now "Shakin' all over" having read Rebecca's note - thanks for raising/checking.  Wasn't going to go after my pre-check anyway...but missed this. Don't want any "bare necessities".

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