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Author Topic: LenaMassage - brum - Balsall Heath.  (Read 1188 times)

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Offline Littlefoot

Been wanting to try this one for a long time, and finally got round to sampling

https://www.adultwork.com/3278706 or https://www.adultwork.com/LenaMassage

All easily sorted via texts, no dramas.

Harbury road, a residential road in the Balsall Heath area of Birmingham.
It was eerily quiet when I went (12pm). Hardly any traffic. I was 15 mins early, so had to hang around. I must of stuck out like a sore thumb.

Looks a dump from outside, not much better inside. Tiny room, very cluttered. At least the towels were fresh and clean. (Big tick for me).

The girl
Lena is a polish girl who has lived in this country 4 years, so her English is near enough perfect. Age 27 accurate. No bigger than a size 6, nice pair of perky little tits. A few spots under her chin, and on her back. Not fantastic looks wise. Not bad though. Personality wise, friendly, attentive, with a GSOH (that's important to me)

Fee & Duration
£80 for one hour.

The Meet
When Lena opened the door I was slightly disappointed. Don't know why but I was expecting better. Not unattractive though.

She had just showered, as her hair was still damp. Sorted the paperwork, then was asked if I'd like a shower. I declined, having recently showered.

I undressed, and was asked to lye face down on the massage table.

She starts with her hands, on my legs at first, all the time applying a generous amount of oil. Then on to my back, yet loads more oil. Nice medium pressure was being applied. I was just starting to enjoy this, when 10 mins in, she disappears. She went to put the kettle on. I'm like WTF? I thought she wanted a cuppa. But she filled a bowl full of hot water and I think she was mixing the oil with it. Felt nice and warm any ways.

More hand massage on my back, legs, and arse. Then she jumps up on the table, to rub that nice young body all over me. That's the first time I started to stir downstairs. This stage of the B2B, went on some considerable time, and felt really good.

Next she jumps off, more hand massage, all the time adding either warm water, or oil mixed with warm water. Felt nice whatever it was.

Then I'm requested to turn over. At this stage of the massage my cock is up and down more than Joan collins knickers. (I'm showing my age there).

Then the frontal massage begins, with hands at first on legs, chest, belly, and occasionally teasing the old balls. I'm soft at this stage.

Then my best part of the punt. Up she jumps again, and starts a frontal B2B massage. Expertly using her body. She was getting very close and personal. So close I was in range of kissing her on the lips most of the time.  But that's not on offer unfortunately.

This frontal B2B went on a long time, and I was loving it. She was sliding up and down, purposely wanking my now rock hard cock with at first her tummy, then putting them little tits to good use. I was harder than I've been in a long time now.

Off she jumps again, and with my knob twitching more than Harry Redknapp on speed, she asks if I want a HJ. My reply was "what do you think"?

She then proceeded to perform a very accomplished HJ, which had the desired affect. She then cleaned me up.

Then strange thing happened she was busying herself rummaging through stuff, while I'm still lying there for a couple of minutes, unsure if the massage had finished. Until she said "take your time." I got the message then, and asked for a shower. I jumped off the table, when she asked "did you cum?" I said "yeah, didn't you see?" she then pointed at my cock and said "oh it's still hard." This was a good 3 minutes post cum.  We both laughed, and I said "I'm not surprised."

Even after my shower I still had a semi. I showed Lena, and we laughed again.
The massage actually lasted 1 hour 10 mins. By the time I'd showered I'd been in there 1 hour 20 mins in total.

Before anyone asks I didn't try to grope her gash, as she wore pants throughout, and don't think that's on offer anyway.

I gave this a positive on the quality of service I received. Choosing to ignore my surroundings.
Would I return? Maybe as a plan b.


3 review(s) found for LenaMassage linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Sounds good, and I have had her on hotlist for a while!

Just don't fancy a trek to Balsall Heath

Offline Littlefoot

Sounds good, and I have had her on hotlist for a while!

Just don't fancy a trek to Balsall Heath

Not sure if you mean it's too far for you or you don't fancy the area?

I went down Edward road from pershore road, really not far off the pershore road that route.

And as I mentioned it was very quiet the time of day I went, didn't get too many peculiar looks.

Bit of both really - long way to go to visit a grotty area, plenty of them round my way as it is!

Mainly the distance though

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