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Author Topic: No decent girls on adultwork  (Read 1038 times)

Anyone had any decent punts in Wrexham seen a few on adultwork but with little or no feedback

Offline mediumjoe

   (In a Jewish accent) Enough of the Wrexham already,  I think you might just have to get in your car and drive

Offline raylondoner

My life, I thought the same!

But then I wasn't surprised when I read the actual post.  :hi:

Offline Malvolio

It's the indecent girls you want to see - plenty of them around.

Chester isn't far from Wrexham. Seems to be a few decent ones there and as its a pretty city it seems to get a lot of girls stopping off on their tours. Do an AW proximity search based on 10 miles from LL11 and I'm sure something will pop up.

I'd agree with the op really, I'm not far from Wrexham and struggle to find anyone local, who does incalls and displays a phone number
Just done the search as you suggested and got 14 results only 7 list incalls and only 3 displaying phone numbers

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