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Author Topic: Scarlet of House of Divine  (Read 2187 times)

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Scarlet is a big (not at all fat) girl--tall and medium-boned.  Size 10?  Physically not really my type as I prefer them small.  She pretty much has no fat on her but is 'medium boned.'  She has medium-large breasts, a bit saggy (she's got 1 kid), but still quite nice and more than handful.  I like them.  She's an extremely friendly, chatty and open girl and this more than anything else gets a positive from me.  If a GFE is just a girl relaxing and being herself with you, then Scarlet provides a great GFE.   I don't know if she is into major kissing as I didn't try--not my thing. 

The pix on HOD/Annabella are mostly useless since they are so airbrushed, but they do convey her height, though I'd say her breasts are 'inflated' in the pix.  Some reviews say she is a Page 3 girl--I wouldn't go that far, but she's certainly nice looking.  If you met her someplace else, you'd probably want to take her home quite badly.  As for the physicals, I often dont do the ole in and out but opt for BJ/CIM.  This was provided--Ive had better, I've had worse. 

Scarlet is a girl that could become addictive as she is so friendly and open and refreshing, and plenty attractive.  For those looking for drop dead gorgeous, a 9 or 10, she isn't, but she's genuinely nice looking, esp for those that like girls who are fairly tall and 'medium' sized.  As the session went on (it was only 30 mins) I liked her more and more, the kind of girl you'd really like to spend time with as she's so full of personality.

Offline yumyum3

The pix on HOD/Annabella are mostly useless since they are so airbrushed,
Thanks for this, H. You've answered a question for me as I was thinking of visiting and it was the pictures of her standing arse out in those heels that was persuading. I normally go to HOD SK as it is just up the road so may wait in the hope that she'll get a shift or two there. It doesn't surprise me that she's friendly and likeable. I can't say I've ever punted with a lady from HOD that wasn't. She lists PSE among other things on her services: do you get the impression she could be mucky and like a good pounding as well?  :)

Offline vt

I saw Scarlet in MK back in October, she's an enthusiastic, friendly, chatty girl...a mucky northern lass who's definitely up for it.

Shame you didn't get into the old horizontal jogging as she really came into her own when she was getting stimulation too, she got very worked up, thrusting her hips take it deeper and get the friction where she wanted it, passionate snogs and quite a bit of filthy talk encouragement. She also did me a really nice deep OWO with all the teasing and eye contact, I finished with a CIM and she kept sucking all the way. Up there with the best service I've had and I'm sure there was more to explore with her genuine eagerness.

If I was being picky I would also score her less highly on presentation, she's not quite as smooth and glam as her pics, her boobs are generous but not as pert as some. When I saw her she had short hair tied back and no make-up, which didn't do a lot for her. I notice that lately in the HoDpixxx, she's got longer hair extensions and is wearing some make-up which no doubt enhance her naturally attractive features and give her more femenine appeal.

I didn't return, but only because I like variety and I suppose I had compared her to my previous MK squeeze Gorgia who not only offered a similar very naturally horny service but was as immaculately presented (hair, make-up, nails) as only a trained beautician can be. I really wish she hadn't moved so far away!


Offline yumyum3

Now that's the kind of talk I like to hear, vt.  :D Is her arse as nice as it looks in the photo I mentioned earlier?

Offline vt

The shape is pretty accurate, she's quite a leggy girl, but obviously not quite as smooth, firm and toned as the pics suggest. She got me to take her from behind, with her broad Wigan tones she encouraged a hard romping and we collapsed into the down doggy position, I was a bit worried if she minded but she turned and smiled and she let me grind her onto the bed.

Offline ghighi

Does Scarlet got any tattoo?

Offline vt

Does Scarlet got any tattoo?

It's likely but I couldn't say for sure...I'm so used to seeing them I don't even notice now!  :unknown:

Scarlett had 1 tat by her hip/belly

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