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Author Topic: Blonde Jennifer 20- Liverpool street  (Read 1151 times)

5 review(s) for Blond_Jeniffer20 (1 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

So I have never left a review before so bare with me.
So she is located right outside Liverpool Street station. I went on a busy day and it wasn't very discreet.
I called when I was at her place but no answer. 10 mins later I got a text telling me to wait. I was happy to do that.
Eventually got let up to her place. She was attractive slim with fake boobs. Not as tanned as in her photos.
Pay for 30 mins. She then undresses me and starts giving me a protected bj.
She quickly moves on top of me. I'm up for that. She then starts to ride me. Sadly she does not like kissing and she closes her eyes as if she is not enjoying it.
I then get on top and she keeps her eyes closed like she doesn't want to be there.
She then tells me I need to finish soon (10 mins in).
I bend her over and fuck her till I cum.
Overall negative. She didn't seem like she enjoyed it at all. Was very quick.


5 review(s) found for Blond_Jeniffer20 linked to in above post (1 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

thanks for your review, I had considered a meet with her, but definitely off my list following the reviews recently.

Thanks alot for your review and saving me £120. She was on my HL but her lack of services and poor attitude has really put me off. There is nothing worse in my punting experience than a WG who hates (or at the very least) feels uncomfortable with what she does.

Does herself and her clients no favours at all.  :angry:
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Offline bigbadJ

I booked this jennifer for 6 in the evening, to be honest was only 8 minutes late, but that's London for yer there's always people in your way and something slowing you down, anyway turned up at this usual door by pub and give her a ring no answer then sent a text no answer and just got stitched up. What a waste of time going to the other side of London, as a fellow punter lads don't bother wasting your time, save your money and avoid.

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