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Author Topic: LovelyLouise now LuciousLucinda  (Read 379 times)

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Offline Jawbreak

Hi Fellow Punters,

Where do I start and can it really be classed as a review !!!
Messaged Louise ...now Lucinda Via AW Saturday morning requesting a meet for that evening at 5pm.
Get a prompt reply from her Via AW requesting I call her.
Instead of calling initially I opt to text - to which she replies she does not text,
I apologise (via text)  :lol: and call the number she had sent me via AW.
Sounds really nice and down to earth on the phone ..which got me wanting to see her instantly :angelgirl:
Had a few words on what I wanted from the meet and all was agreed (before you start thinking WTF did he ask for well just a vanilla experience as it goes owo, fk, RO, and GFE maybe rimming if the mood was right) and all  set for 5pm  :thumbsup:
We agreed that I would call an hour before the meet and confirm, All good and happy that the young lady in question was English, was pretty articulate on the phone and held a good conversation  :dancegirl:
4PM is upon us and yes you've guessed it call at 4pm and the phone was not answered  :dash:
after about 10 mins she calls me and asks what time i am looking to meet I say 5pm as per our conversation,
Now she tell me that she has a booking at 5pm - me being me i say oh that must be our booking ...to which she replies no I don't think so (me thinking oh but it is).
But to her credit she tell me she will call the other punter to confirm and she will call me right back to let me know,
I agree for her to call me back (thinking with the mini brain).  :crazy:
wait 30 mins so now its about 4:45 and there is no way 5pm meet will take place.
Call her at 4:45 and no reply.  :wacko:
So no meet no real review and no I will not try again. :mad:
Not sure if its because she is new to escorting, although her transformed profile does state she has been escorting for 3 years.
But it goes to show that even English lasses can be inconsistent on bookings and less professional than the EE counterparts. :thumbsdown:

Just to throw the spanner into the works ...her profile now offers BB and just to make sure she has unprotected sex in likes list too  :thumbsdown:

Girl in question... https://www.adultwork.com/3795781
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1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Jawbreak

Were they not listed before?

May have been... maybe I am just thinking with my brain now and not my mini brain...!!!!
Banning reason: White-knight

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