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Author Topic: nazima sugarbabes  (Read 2117 times)

hey guys, just wanted to know if anyone has seen nazima http://www.sugarbabesinternational.com/female-escorts/nazima

im really into my latin, arabic, indian escorts and she does it for me
but at 200 quid its a bit over my price i would pay but shes a stunner

just want to know if any you guys know any info on her reviews or anythink
or if someone has seen her could let me know

cheers lads  :dance:

Offline A new world

Middle Eastern girls give me the horn big time and she looks hot. Would be interested to hear some feedback.

Offline MethodMan

I saw her last year through the Hot-Collection Agency.

It is the girl in the pics and in the flesh she is even better looking IMO, she has got a great ass. Friendly. Service was disappointing for £200. I get the impression she is choosy about what services she offers to clients or her level of enthusiasm depends on how much she fancies the client! I got a little bit of LFK, was hoping for more. OWO was good. Sex was good. Nothing special for the price tag though. I'll give her a 7/10.

I should also mention she has some controversial history on punting forums. Others can elaborate!
Banning reason: Fluffy white-knight caught out harassing, stalking and outing another member for daring to criticize his favourite whore whom he is obsessed with

thanks for the review really helps
i might just go for it
im a booty guy aswell and if her ass looks as good as you say then i cant wait
but if i some post a really bad review of her with like no positives then il think il
leave it


Offline Essex3

Wow! Too high priced for me but very tempted.

Offline what-a man

She used to work under the name of zeena at HOD but I never got to see her. I cant imagine paying £200/hr when I could have seen her for £120/hr

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