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Author Topic: Sophya-massage Reading  (Read 473 times)

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Name: Sophya
Nationality: Macedonian (allegedly) probably Romanian.
Cost: £80 + £20 for 1 hour
Services: Massage, hand relief

Comms: Initial contact by phone then text.

This was a plan C earlier today. Found the ad on Gumtree. Called & soon answered, confirmed services & price. Arranged to meet 30 minutes later. Postcode texted straight away.

Location: Serviced apartments in Oxford Road opposite Broad Street Mall.

Arrived on time & phoned for room number, answered quickly & buzzed me in via intercom.
The apartment was easy to find & she opened the door as soon as I got there.

The girl: Slim size 8, long dark hair, quite pretty. Probably mid 20s. Her English is poor so difficult to talk to.

After the introductions I asked if I should shower, but she said no need, but can have one at the end.
Paid her the £80 which she then tested with one go those pens. She then disappeared for a couple of minutes to stash the cash so I stripped off a lay on the bed. When she came back I asked her to strip off as well, then she tells me that is another £20. This is when I knew this was going to be disappointing. However I paid the £20 & she stripped down to her black briefs which she refused to remove. She does have a gorgeous body with perfect small tits which is what I like.

The massage: She claims to have 3 years experience, but I find that difficult to believe, it was very poor. Not at all sensual or teasing in any way. Basically she rubbed body lotion into my back & legs for 30 minutes. I tried to encourage her to be a bit more enthusiastic, but she took no notice. She showed no interest at all. All the time the TV was on & she was watching that while rubbing me or should that be robbing me. Her service was so poor that I suspect she is in fact Romanian.

After 30 minutes of this she told me to turn over & asked if I wanted hand relief. She then poured loads of lube over my cock & gently stroked it. She did seem to get into this a bit more. While she was doing this she let me play with her tits. I also stroked her pussy through her briefs, but she wouldn't let me get a finger inside. Gradually she built up the stroking action on my cock until I could last no more & shot my load. She gave me some wet wipes to clean up & then showed me to the shower.

When I came back she was fully dressed, so I put my clothes back on & left. Looked at my watch & I had been there 45 minutes.

Summary: A really disappointing punt. Adding on a further £20 to remove her clothes was not what was agreed on the phone. A total lack interest by Sophya just added insult to injury. Basically I ended up paying £100 for a hand job. Needless to say I won't be returning.

Sorry to hear it was a crap punt GK.  I came across her ad on gumtree today and was thinking about it.  You have saved me wasting an hour (or less) and bit of cash.

Thanks for TOFTT, sorry it didn't work out

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