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Author Topic: Samantha of Bunnies Massage - Elephant & Castle  (Read 2192 times)

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When: September 2016

Location: Ground floor flat, about 5 minutes from elephant and castle. Flat was fit for purpose, shower available before and after.

Comms: All via text, if you call you'll get a text back.

Duration: 30 mins for £50 (Spanish massage). Massage, tit wank, foot job and handjob.

Looks: White polish female, late 20s , size 10 , small/medium tits. Nothing to write home about, but attractive enough. 

Personality: Not to chatty, but happy enough to oblige.

The Massage:

After being welcomed, I mentioned that I would like a tit wank and foot job.

Samantha is by not any means  a professional at massage, limited pressure throughout.  Started of having my front massaged, first 5 or so minutes was quite uneventful. Running her hands across my back and legs. After that that she remembered why I was there, started with swipes around the ass and balls. She also ran her fingers across my ass which felt pretty good.

Flipped over at this stage and the same drill as before, chest and legs. Then she started teasing a bit more, next was a slow sensual tit wank. Samantha then delivered a very enjoyable foot wank, she was quite good and used different speed and technique.  We was now approaching the 30 minute mark, so she finished me of with a handjob.

Never had a footjob before, so it was something to tick off. This is by no means a good massage, but the extra services and touching were delivered well.

Offline chicki

Sounds like it went well.
was she nude?

Have you ever used Bunnies for b2b or nude massage?

Sounds like it went well.
was she nude?

Have you ever used Bunnies for b2b or nude massage?

Sorry for the late reply.

She was nude apart from knickers. Not had a body to body there, but a titwank and footjob as mentioned above are on offer.

It's on the website for £60 b2b so I imagine it would be delivered well considering its double the basic price.

Did you end up going?

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