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Author Topic: Thai2016relaxmassage - Inverkeithing  (Read 711 times)

Offline slowdoke

Hi gents,

Long time lurker and sporadic visitor to indies. Looking to find out if anybody has visited the above lady? The pics look very similar to the wonderful Lana who told me about 9 months ago she was going to be giving it up soon  :dash:

Any info appreciated as interested if extras are really unavailable?


Offline David1970

I have visited a few Thais in my time and it is never the one in the photos.

She makes it clear no extras, no HE, just a massage.

If no sex involved better that she is a muntter, cuts down on the frustration.

I used to go the same masseur one a week when I lived in Hong Kong, she was about 65-70 years old ugly as sin, could speak a little English. The best full body massage in my life, and her foot massage was out of this world.

Offline somefun

Recognise this pic from a profile listed in Edinburgh for a while. Doubt I would have looked at her unless extras were on offer.  Hopefully picture will jog someone's memory.

Offline slowdoke

Cheers gents. Hopefully some fellow Fifers will pitch in with rave reviews shortly..........  :yahoo:

If extras are available i will go and review, just find the constant mention of no extras a little strange when advertising on AW.

Offline Glesgaboy

I've never seen an ad on AW refusing extras.
Prob a cut and past job from gumtree!
Tear in there and you'll have some fun I reckon.
Next time I cross the forth I'll do the same.

240 for a 4 hour massage.. screw that lol..

Offline kev34

I remember jasmine who was also Melanie escort used these pics. She was stunning girl. Doesn't quite look like her on her genuine looking pics. Intriguing tho. Can't believe aw field reports about massage with boxers on :sarcastic:

Offline slowdoke

Cheers folks. I've tried to call this morning and weighing up the TOFTT but if its £60 for a massage I am going to be rather disappointed!

The AW feedback was a massive part of the reason for this thread, it simply makes no sense. Who is using AW for massage? Ok maybe some but not the number of reviews this hoor has!

Offline bigmike32

She might provide extras its worth asking her if she says no then you can move on. There is that oriental flat in burntisland to fall back on all b and s but it is an option.

Offline slowdoke

Spoke to her and just asked what the crack was as recognised photos. She didnt admit they weren't her but was pretty cagey. She said it is the same flat as Lana used to use but a very different service and no extras available  :thumbsdown:

One of the list and now to find an alternative.

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