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Author Topic: Cute little blonde with Facial  (Read 680 times)


Can anyone recommend a cute little blonde babe, who is a great punt, and even better loves a facial. Somewhere in the London area, or just outside south, not too fussed about the price, and ideally not a Romanian.

I'll respond with a review of the girl I meet ;-)

Suggestions welcome, and very much appreciated.


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Yeh she looks cute, but doesnt say facial...also hungarian, hmm are they a lot like Romanians. Would love a punt with a girl that 'enjoy's it ;-)

If not blonde, then i'll open it up to Brunettes then ;)

Online The_Don

also hungarian, hmm are they a lot like Romanians.

YMMV, with any W/G  :hi:

having punted a few, W/G of different nationalities, one thing is clear to me. Never judge a person by where their from, because that assume a lot.

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Lola includes facial in one hour services but charges £10 if you require in 30 minutes. It's provided willingly enough, although she covers her eyes, which is fair enough.

Hungarians tend to provide a better experience than Romanian's I find, but they're not all bad either.

She didn't wear make-up when I met her, but looked cute and has a good body. Good owo too. I may well go back for more.

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