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 https://www.adultwork.com/1198689 or https://www.adultwork.com/Elise%5FAdore

 I decided to have a last minute Friday punt despite my last experience of doing this when I picked someone for the sake of it and had a pretty rubbish time. However, this time I had already spoken to Elise a while ago when considering a punt and she seemed really friendly so dropped her a text and after a while she responded and said she was free after 9:30pm so booked her in for an hour.

Comms: 7/10: erm...as above! Very friendly in the texts. Address given. A hotel in town on New Street. No issues with reception.

Venue: 6/10. No issues with reception but not great overall. However there was the bonus of hearing a couple loudly going at it in while walking to the room, which woke up the little fella and raised a chuckle!

Girl: 7/10: Unusual for me as I normally go for curvy busty gals and Elise, while not without curves, is not the normal body I go for. She was, however, unusually pretty (I can see why some guys think she might be eastern european), slim (she has lost a load of weight apparently) with a nice sized pair of boobsicles. She was dressed sexily and her personality was very friendly if a little quirky (this should not come as a huge surprise if you've looked at her profile). She's a talker too. Now, she talked a lot at the start, but to be fair I told her I was nervous (as I always do as I always am) so she gets excused that. We eventually got on to what I was after and she enthusiastically started the punt in earnest. She had a gin on the go and did cheekily ask after round 1 if she minded if she had a fag, but was fine when I said I did minded. A quirky, intelligent, but attractive woman.

Da Bizniz: 8/10: I'm a vanilla sorta guy but she provided enthusiastic DFK throughout (she even said I was a good kisser - no flies on her  :cool: ), she assumed OWO but i said i prefered covered and sex (obvs). She received oral too, and tasted really clean and nice. A really enthusiastic shag too, if I didn't know better I would think she actually enjoyed it.

VFM: At 120 squid an hour I would say just about fine 7/10. Same as my yardstick Samantha and not a million miles off in terms of service.

Overall: 7.5/10 - A good hour with an experienced, quirky, attractive woman who likes to talk but not to the detriment of the punt, I had 2 pops and she certainly didn't watch the clock, she even called me back at the end to show me this music video she was on about earlier as I said I had heard of the artist in question. A safe bet if you like slim, unusually attractive girls who are enthusiastic at what they do  :)

10 review(s) found for Elise_Adore linked to in above post (9 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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