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Author Topic: Sexy Blonde Zaneta  (Read 875 times)

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I met Zaneta back in July and left her a positive review, so I was looking forward to her September return and another session with this lass who in my eyes is a real stunner.

I'm disappointed to say that this time I can only award a 'Neutral' and in fairness it's probably at the low end for the reasons I'll now explain.However, I won't write a long report, as I've commented before on communications, the location/venue and her looks which were all consistent with my first visit.

She's still an absolute cracker to look at, but this time Zaneta was even more quiet and reserved than our first meeting, not what I'd expect for a second visit when the first visit had gone so well. I was also disappointed as I'd agreed to a nurse uniform during texts and a previous email. When I arrived she was wearing a pink baby doll. She looked stunning in it, but it's not what we agreed.

I showered and explained I only wanted oral and Zaneta got to work. I asked her to take it steady, but even with her slow and light  style the site of he pretty face doing the business meant I only lasted 15 mins. I'd hoped for a cuddle, chat, massage after and particularly so as she had initiated oral before I'd had chance to really enjoy the sight of her naked body, which is genuinely worth a perecentage of the fee on its own, but Zaneta seemed too distant to enjoy this, so I I was out of the door in 20 - not great value for £80!

It was her last day, so perhaps the answer is to get in early? It was also later in the day than my first visit. Who knows? It's a shame as I won't be making a return visit, whereas I was hoping I had found a regular.

16 review(s) found for Sexy Blonde Zaneta linked to in above post (14 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

I couldn't be 100 per cent sure but I don't think so, although I agree there is some likeness.

Is this Zaneta?


Girls in the video speaks Russian, so very unlikely there is Zaneta between them

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