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Author Topic: Howwwwwww Much?????????  (Read 478 times)

Online HughJardon

No feedback not even a hint of reconnaissance tells the tale with this profile.

I'd be in 2 minds whether to pay 500 sods to even a Top American pornstar.  No I'm sorry but I'd never pay that

We've got to make a stand against overpriced Gash  :manhater:  :wacko: :wacko:

Offline Corus Boy

'Enjoys' list is pretty short as well!

Offline akka76

I always think that girls like this are clicking "Escort" with a high price to get more exposure for their actual activity, webcamming, hoping that no one will stump up the cash, and then if they do, 500 an hour so not bad.
Banning reason: Previously banned (pseudolus)

Online Redevil86

Seeking arrangements ! Someone should e-mail her those words, she probibly doesn't realise that , that's where she should be posting .

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