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Author Topic: Adultwork credits  (Read 998 times)

Offline Reeson69

It appears the old UKCash/e-money service has gone bust and I can't find any other way to anonymously buy credits.
Does anyone use an alternative payment method other than a credit/debit card?
I'm not keen to use a card in case of an Ashley Madison type hack.

Offline Moresomes

Paysafe card has replaced  Ukash. Just go to where you used to get your Ukash voucher and ask for a paysafe card one, then buy your credits as before.

Offline Reeson69

I've been told paysafe(former UKCash) has gone broke.
Paysafe replaced UKCash and comes under e-money which is no longer available to buy.

Offline Admin

  • Site Owner
Paysafe still operating and their stock still trading on LSE:

Paysafe bought UKash and decided to drop the brand name. The PaysafeCard does what Ukash did so they obviously didn't want to own two brands competing.

Not used it personally though (PaysafeCard that is, have used Ukash many years ago).

Offline Moresomes

I've been told paysafe(former UKCash) has gone broke.

Could be. It's a few months ago since I last bought A/W credits, so they could have gone skint since then, but they still are advertising, and A/W still have them listed as a payment option.   :unknown:

Sorry admin. Was typing while you posted.
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I used Paysafe yesterday, FWIW. Bought from the co-op. Just make sure you get the over-18 ones.

Offline Reeson69

I'll try a different shop tomorrow and see whether i can get one there.

Offline Reeson69

I went to a different shop this morning and was able to buy a Paysafe voucher.
It works as well so I don't know why the place I usually buy it from was giving me the bankrupt bollocks.

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