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Author Topic: Franchesca SweetLips  (Read 665 times)

Offline Longertongue


Hiya lads

As promised, my first review of Franchesca.
I said in another post that I was hoping to get to see her, as she's now working in the area.


Very good, she speaks very good English, so communications were spot on. No dramas in getting an appointment.

Her Place
Non descript apartment block in Fenham, close to the A1M.
Very clean and comfortable, and not overly obvious as to what you're doing there.

Good parking too, but I would imagine evenings might be problematic, with the locals retreating from work.

Anyways, I was hoping that Franchesca hadn't changed much from my previous meet with her in Cornwall.
My God NO!! She's even better!

Walked in and straight away she gave a full on kiss on the lips, always a good ice breaker.

A few minutes chatting, then led to the bedroom. Paperwork sorted, and it was down to business. Began with delicate little kisses on the neck, her to me, then into a bit of dressed twerking, always seems to wake the old guy up  :thumbsup:

After a few minutes, she began undressing me, while I enjoyed running my hands over her bod, which is just as I remembered from last time, firm and petite.
Onto the bed, where she gave Mr todger a very delicate clean, none of this pulling it up by the armpits treatment, the cleaning was almost as horny as the blowjob that followed (uncovered).
Swivelled her round a bit and started trying to yodel down the mountain while she gave plenty of slobber and suck action to the old man.

10 minutes of this and I was ready to roll one on and start banging for Britain, but she stopped me suddenly and asked if i'd had an ice cream blow job before??
Shaking my head, she nipped into the kitchen and came back almost immediately with an ice cream lollipop :D

She bit a piece off and began blowing me with the item on her tongue, aw bejesus, it was explosive!!
While she did this, I decided to go with the flow and return the favor, so I bit a piece off and tongued her out with it in my mouth, she almost drowned me with juices, so I guess she was receptive :angelgirl:

A quick turn round and she reached for a macintosh, which she rolled on with teeth only, then jumped off the bed and moved a mirror to the bottom of it, so she could watch herself fuck me :wacko:
Reverse missionary, felt like I was in a clamp she was so tight, after 5 minutes she turned round and started riding me full on. I used the remains of the lolly to give a bit of chilled stimulation down below, which she definitely enjoyed, because she went as slippy as a bald tyre on a skid pan :lol:
Flipped her over, and banged her from behind, to a mutual shudder.
That was me knackered, but found we'd only been at it for about 45 minutes. Knowing that I wouldn't get up again, she gave me a really nice wind down back rub then lay spooning me for at least 10 minutes.

Great time, great girl, would marry her if it wasn't for the fact that she made one MASSIVE mistake  :rolleyes:

At the moment, she's sharing her flat with a friend :dash:

Her friend is also a Brazilian girl, and I do love my Nuts to be touched by Brazilians


Catarina, absolutely stunning, brunette, body as in pics, and a gorgeous face :angelgirl: Looks a little like Leah Bracknell (Zoe Tate from Emmerdale, but with a dirtier smile :diablo:)

As Franchesca was in a naughty mood, she suggested next time that we should share an hour with Catarina!!
Even more unbelievable, as we were talking, Catarina suggested that as she'd made a lasagna, would I like to have something to eat with them?? I thought that the suggestion of sharing a lasagna was for me to be the filling between the two layers, but no such luck :cry:

But, to screw one of the sexiest Brazilians i've met, then meet another one who's even more stunning, then get invited to eat lunch with them, I had to call to the Freeman's for a blood pressure test, I thought i'd died and gone to heaven.
Definitely going back, Definitely having that threesum, and definitely going to spend a visit solo with Catarina, because it would be rude not to :kissgirl:

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Great entertaining review, will look forward to the duo review, Catrina looks fit as a butchers dog

Offline Longertongue

Telling you Celica, I seen a neg review of her on here from a southerner, but they're obviously not manly men like us lads, if a girl wants to bounce the fcuk out of my dick, i'd take it as a compliment. As for the bait and switch shit he's come out with, maybe he should get his fekkin guide dog to do his next review

Banning reason: Fluffy attacking another reviewer

Offline Looking4fun

Your slagging a punter off who's done 7 reviews & you would MARRY this wg,seriously?

Your slagging a punter off who's done 7 reviews & you would MARRY this wg,seriously?

Loool my exact thoughts as well, what a twat rightly so he's banned I'm surprised to see franchesca cum.slut so far up north as she is normally based in tower hamlets east london.

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