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Author Topic: Miss Goodnight  (Read 1252 times)

Offline Outcallguy


Proper range of pics on this site

bid on a RB of mine and I have to admit I'm tempted.

It's a shame she's got so many photo shopped pics, it's hard to tell what she will look like. Though her body looks wonderful.

Any thought on biting the bullet with her?

Online EnglishRebecca121

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the pics look very dodgy and photoshopped to me
i get the  feeling by some of the pics shes more curvy then the size 10
but good feedback so go for it x

Hi,be z good fellow & let me know how you get on with the RB or if you pay full asking price. Cheers Cheers

Offline Outcallguy

Ok should be seeing Miss Goodnight on Monday.
Fingers crossed it's a goodnight!! (sorry)

Offline shooter

Did you ever see her?  She has bid on a RB of mine, would be interested to know what you thought?  Looks a bit older to me?

Offline Outcallguy

No never got round to seeing her.
She did send me a decent un-shopped pic of her and she looks like a very attractive 38 ish yr old.

Maybe sometime in the future I'll see her.

Offline shooter

Thanks - is she EE or English, do you know, Im quite tempted....

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