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Author Topic: Doublekink - avoid, con artist alert!  (Read 367 times)

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Offline Podgy


Following the review for:


6th October

This profile comes from the same category, and no doubt set up by the same arsehole!

Liked the look of the profile as am into a bit of kink, sent an email yesterday morning asking if available. Asked to call and given a number, with the text 'husband will pick up if I'm busy'.

Called, and a man picked up, so had a chat about what I was after as not clear from profile, then sent a text with the hotel, a 5* one in the West End.

Thought it was a. It odd, but went along with it as no reason to doubt at that stage.

called when arrived, and met in the lobby. Had a chat while 'she is getting ready, and after a couple of texts the fateful happened:

out came the 'can we settle up here as had a problem with previous client' line.

Told him no, and will give her money, saying I'd seen reports of these scams before. He refused so said he'd need to go the room with me. He refused so I got up and walked.

Not sure he chose the right hotel either as was a 5* in the west end, so didn't sound right!

Hope that helps, but don't go near them!!

Reported to adultwork, but they weren't interested.

Sounds like the same as other profile, so be warned!

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