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Author Topic: Flairs of Dewsbury  (Read 726 times)

Offline Moexxx

Hello fellow podgers,

Has anyone been to Flairs of Dewsbury?


I'm looking at a punt with christina any info podgers?

I've done a search and seen some old reviews, none for christona anyone been recently?

I've been to the office seen Cathy yet never been to Flairs.

Any info will be graciously received.
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Offline James Brown

Websites not up to much. No operating times, no prices.

Offline Moexxx

I phoned them and was told it's £40 for 30 mins, no door fee etc.

I have seen Christina some time ago. Well worth a visit.

Online mrfishyfoo

Hello fellow podgers,

Think you got the start wrong.  :unknown:

Shouldn't it have been "Greetings oh esteemed members of the Yorkshire Podging Club"  :lol: :lol:

Offline wristjob

I went in there once. Nice friendly setup - girls are mostly ropey as hell. I ended up going to a room with an okish girl who then decided she didn't do pretty much anything (I always confirm before I start) so I just walked out, never felt the need to go back.

The office is about 400 yards away and used to be better but I think died a death - they went from 3 girls a day to 1/2, a lot of the good girls left and they can't be bothered to update their website. If you are that way Leeds indis seem way better value.

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