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Author Topic: Monica in Bradford  (Read 4757 times)


Saw her for an hour on Monday. Very attractive, amazing body and immaculately turned out. One of those girls that really makes an effort before you arrive. Highly recommended!

Offline Dave126

Yep she's a star mate I think I said as much a while back. Must fix another visit up myself



Update... Saw Monica again for appointment number two and I won't be going back. It was an ok punt but once she knows you she tends to rabbit on about her 6'2", 19 stone, 32 year old, ex para boyfriend. It's a bit off putting really and generally speaking it all felt a bit rushed and a bit fake second time round. So maybe stick to the one punt then move along.

Hello all, I am Monica based in Bradford. I came on this site today as Ravanelli had mentioned it to me during our time together on Friday.

I was a little shocked to read his latest comments regarding his visit to see me.

I put my hands up to mentioning the 6ft 2 boyfriend blah blah as I was very excited as we had got a rescue Rhodesian Ridgeback that morning and I was laughing about the size of the very large dog. 

I have worked in Bradford for the last 5 years and love the people I meet and all the fun I have on a daily basis. I have never been described as fake or rushing any1 and the people I see regularly love to have the sexy fun and have a chat too.

Have a great day, Monica x


Just to be clear, I would in no way describe Monica as fake, she's very real and very attractive. I simply felt that she was preoccupied on this day and the service felt rushed and hence a little fake. Wanted to clear that important point up.

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