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Author Topic: Mia 2 (still no1) Wakefield  (Read 481 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/3609292 or https://www.adultwork.com/Mia2+%28Still+No%3A1%29
After reading earlier reviews put Mia on my to do list-Always had a thing for Busty African goddesses !!
Contacted her via AW & got prompt replies-All arranged for an afternoon visit,Couple of texts during the day & off we go !!
Requested she wear her swimsuit as this sounded fun, Arrived on time,nice enough area few people around doing the day to day-not a problem,
Knocked on the door ,let in as normal but the sight that greeted me ? Wow stunning !! A sexy swimsuit she said !!!! My cock twitched immediately ! Mia was dressed in a yellow & black swimsuit her Tits were bursting out of the top-They really are incredible !! A kiss & a chat-She asked me if i liked what i saw -My cock was hard already !!! Come on up she said-Followed her up the stairs starring at her voluptuous round arse !!!
I must say her skin is beautiful & soft,unbelievably dark like chocolate,She is far prettier than her AW pics-they need updating btw !!
Into  the room paperwork sorted & we do some nice DFK & fondling of her fabulous body while she gently wanks me-I ask if i can cum twice-She says of course !! IT Was never going to be a problem  !!!
I finally unleash those magnificent Tits-They are enormous !! My hands,face.mouth & cock are all over them !!!!! she takes me slowly in her mouth,,then vigorously,then down to the root all the time making eye contact-Within a couple of minutes i am ready to pop on her tits-i stand & she kneels below holding her massive jugs for me to splatter !!! Pop no1 all over those beauties !!!!
A quick clean up & a chat & removal of the swimsuit & i am still hard ! A bit more kissing & fondling-i also massage her fabulous body all over before slipping a couple of fingers in whilst licking her moist pussy .
Soon she is back on my cock deep throating,sucking my balls ,licking,dribbling,pumping fast & slow-This girl can suck a cock-a great sight with her pretty face & weave devouring you !!
On with the condom & she squats on me ,suffocating me with her tits-Fantastic !! She rides me for a couple of minutes-Then she fucks me hard,slamming her pussy on my cock-Great sounds & groans,I flip her over lick & bite that fantastic arse before taking her Doggy-She loves it-i just kneel while she gyrates,slams,wiggles on my cock before i return the favour & give her a real pounding !!!
Onto missionary legs in the air/over the shoulders etc then a furious sweaty animalistic fucking/pounding/headboard rattling few minutes  ensues before i pop no 2 deep inside her !!
A rest & a chat,Mia can chat !! She is funny & a really interesting girl-Her figure is amazing if your a black girl lover which i am !!Look after her guys -another gem !!

5 review(s) found for Mia2 (Still No:1) linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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