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Author Topic: Period Play  (Read 1414 times)

Offline Siders69

I sometimes wonder how WGs get around this seriously yukky phenomenon?

Occasionally when fingering a girl I feel a lump or something further up and wonder whether it is a plugged tammy!

I have no doubt some folk will like this but I find the whole matter most distracting and offputting when it happens and am always left wondering afterwards


Surprised HP hasn't asked for recommendations yet  :D
Think some girls take a break for a week but other work through and use a sponge or similar device to absorb everything, seem to recall a girl once saying there was a gel type product that could also be used.

Personally i think that girls should say when they are working through their period as there must be an increased risk of infection etc

Offline Siders69

I want a week off every month !

Offline NIK

One of the many things in punting (another being parties or mmf) that would do nothing for me. In fact it sounds horrible!   :scare:

Once seen a escort in a massage parlour, with my hands headed down south, only to be stopped, and told sorry love, I'm on my period

No sex, or even me going down on her, and what made it a disaster, the tampon string was hanging out her pussy, decide there and then to end the session

So had not cum at all, at least the escort said, sorry, and didn't need to at her anything, and invited me back next week, and she would make it up to me

Returned the following week, and she certainly did, normally oral done with condom, but for me she did it with out, and even deep French kissed me, so all in all going back turned out to be a good punt

Offline hexohm

It happened to me not long ago. 5 minutes into the gig i had my fingers in there and they came out covered in blood.  We carried on with limited services but it was a real downer - she offered reduced price for next time but ill not be going back there.

Offline will-ow

i remember contacting a WG with a date in mind, and she said she'd be on her period, so was only offering oral  that week. a good way to avoid it but maybe get a booking.

Offline mrfishyfoo

Occasionally when fingering a girl I feel a lump or something further up and wonder whether it is a plugged tammy!

They get sponge plugs to stick up there from the GUM that soak up all the blood.

A girls got to earn a living now ain't she.  :lol: :lol: :lol:

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